Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3000 views Thanks

Finally the site has been updated to look a little less boring and I was provided a nice new banner thanks to my fam at GroundSick.Com.
I am thankful to all you folks out there that take time out of your stressful days to take in a read at my humble little site. I promise t continue to bring you news and reviews on all the odd little gems I hunt down. Again I have to do this, Please comment and subscribe to let me know what i can do to improve my writing and the site.
Also Myself and the folks at GroundSick are planning on starting a video review deal pretty soon, so all my readers can rest their brains and feast their eyes on my wonderful face. I think the video reviews will be a bigger success due to the fact it is easier to express my love or disdain for particular films verbally more than it is to write them out. Plus it provides me a chance to let my sense of humor shine through as well which does not come off on these written blogs. Thank You all again for your continued support and please keep coming back I will keep bringing the goodies.
                                             Editor in Chief
                                                              Nathaniel ( Dick Swift ) Guest

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