Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Maid Droid

Maid Droid (2008)
Dir:Naoyuki Tomomatsu (Stacy/Vampire Girl v.s. Frankenstein Girl.Eating Schoolgirls)

After falling in love with Vampire Girl v.s. Frankenstein Girl I began my hunt for films done by the director and I must say I was pleased with the second film I checked out by him which was Stacy and that film was equally awesome, So I decided to continue the hunt and I gotta say I was a bit let down by this one.
Maid Droid struck my curiosity with it's cover and after reading a bit about it , I was looking forward to this entry to the directors filmography. Right off the bat we learn that this film is a commentary on the relationships between males and females and what each of them want from one another, and it honestly falls a bit flat.
In the opening we see a woman being raped by what appears to be a cyborg of some sort and shortly afterwards we meet Master Ueno who now lives with his Maid Droid Maria whom spent her lifespan raising Ueno from childhood after his parents dies while out on a business trip. The Master and his Droid begin a relationship and Maria wants to be able to please him but her programing does not allow sexual actions.As the flash backs continue we see that Ueno has deeper feeling for Maria and does not trust nor desire any other woman, meanwhile in the present time a group of detectives are on the case of the serial rapist that is stalking the streets at night and they come to the conclusion that it is in fact not human. Ueno is living with Maria still and her batteries have died leaving her motionless and he cannot find a battery due to the current outlaw of all droid products.

 Thats a Rabbit....... Well of course it'll work.
As Master Ueno continues to care for Maria he reminisces on his days as a child and his troubles with women. Also after witnessing Ueso's intimacy issues we see Maria trying to do what she can to sexually please her master and she is quite successful despite not having the right parts.Then we get to the films underlying message , That all women want is a rich man to abuse them and men just want unconditional love and of course sex at the drop of a dime. This leads to more investigation by Det. Yuri Akugari as she finds a black market shop where Droids are still being sold and upgraded with advanced sexual modifications.The boss of the shop reveals that they're once was male maid droids called Host droids but they did not sell well because due to the robotic code they could not be commanded to be abusive and rough which is what women wanted so they replaced the hosts with Aibui's or Bot-dog's since the women treated the men like dogs. Det. Yuri apparently owned a Bot dog that she had taken from her and she has some deep sadness due to this. The Droid maker says that he believes the Rape bot has been made out of scrap pieces of destroyed host and dog droids that have assembled themselves and only strike if they sense a woman is horny. Yeah it gets weird from here .

As The Det. leaves the underground store she runs across the rape bot which seems to have some of her old dog bot's parts in it and she allows the bot to have at her as she falls in love with the robot. Meanwhile back at Ueso's house He has sold all his belonging to purchase a battery for Maria before being approached by a Blue fairy that tells him that he can turn Maria human with a simple spell. As he struggles to find what it is he figures "I Love You" may work and it does, As Maria awakes he proposes to her and they plan on getting married as elsewhere Yuri is holding onto her rape bot trying to express her love for it as it dies in her arms. The films then comes to a close as a delivery man arrives at Ueso's with the battery but he and Maria are gone.

So all weirdness aside the moral if you want to call it that is that Women all desire Rich and handsome men who will treat them like shit and just fuck them and Men just desire a submissive beautiful woman who is subservient and will not cheat on them all others resort to toys and dolls for unconditional love and affection...? A very strange take on the topic of relationships which is somewhat true but a bit slanted at the same time. I don't believe all women desire to be mistreated but you see it all the time so who knows. All in all this movie as just an excuse to make a weird Hentai style soft porn with lots of senseless nudity and sex. I was hoping for more humor since the director really shined his dark sense of humor and over the top antics in his other films so I have to say I was a bit disappointed with this one but with a short run time of only a little over an hour it was not awful just weird and kind of pointless , it's funny to me that this film seems to be highly regarded among fans of the genre and I just don't see why, it seemed kind of pointless and  dull to me but whatever. I mean who am I ? Just a guy that reviews weird films on his spare time and has no girlfriend so maybe I am not supposed to get it. Perhaps if I start treating girls like shit I will get one? oh wait no you have to be rich too...oh well. I guess the film is trying to point out the shallowness of us as a people but it just missed the mark for me.
Overall: 5 out of 10


  1. where can i download something like this?

  2. I got my copy from DVD but I am pretty sure you could find this one on some standard torrent sites. It is not as rare as most of the stuff I review here.

  3. hey... this so old movie (2008) but why we just got to know it now (2013)???

    and it seems like 5 years from its release... its popularity still nowhere..

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