Sunday, May 8, 2011

Getting Lucky

Getting Lucky (1990)
Dir:Michael Paul Girard (Bikini Med School/Body Parts/Witchcraft 7)

As many of the readers here know by now I am somewhat of a fan of the 80's-90's Sex Comedies, So upon researching the vaults of Troma films I have I stumbled upon this little film and thought with the reputation Troma has this would be a fun little film. I could not have been more mislead. This film has got to be one of the worst, most pointless and boring sex comedies I have ever seen and that is saying allot being that this film is made by a production company that prides itself on bad cinema.
      So The film opens with Bill a typical nerd in the tradition of all 80's high school films and he has a crush on his childhood sweetheart Krissy. Krissy however has a thing for the requisite asshole jock Tony.Tony quickly puts the moves on Krissy but he moves a bit fast as it turns out she is not the stereotypical slutty cheerleader popular in these types of films.In order to get closer to Krissy , Bill decides to join the basketball team as the towel boy where he is immediately made target for pranks and bullying , which is nothing unique for the course. Things start to change for bill though as one day while he is collecting cans and bottles and picking up litter on the street he comes across a beer bottle that he cannot seem to get rid of as it keeps returning to him after everytime he throws it away. Soon he hears a voice come from the bottle and notices that inside is a drunk Irish leprechaun named Lucky. Lucky then promises to grant Bill three wishes in order to free him from the bottle and return him to his homeland and replenish his magic powers.

Of course Bills first wish is for a date with Krissy, Shortly after he receives a call from her and they plan to go out. While at the drive in though Krissy ditches Bill while he is off to get snacks , in order to meet up with Tony whom her mother would not allow her to see after he was caught trying to have sex with her when they were supposed to be studying. Bill finds Krissy and Tony making out and he takes her home when Tony comes on too strong.The following day at school Lucky begins playing pranks on Tony which lead to him getting a tennis racket stuck in his ass. Krissy decides she does like Bill so they go out on a few more dates and after a mini golf date Bill see's Tony sneaking around Krissy's house so Bill wishes to be a cat so he could spy on them to see what happens, This leads to Bill the cat getting into Krissy's house moments before Tony arrives and once again comes on too strong forcing himself on her until her mother comes to the rescue and has him arrested for attempted rape.

The following morning Bill plans to take Krissy to school but his car breaks down so they decide to ride bikes, Things get a bit strange here as while trying to fix her seat he asks lucky to help which leads to Bill getting shrunk, and then sat on which leaves Bill stuck inside Krissy's underwear.While struggling to escape he is tangled in her vagina which sends sensations through Krissy's body leading her to orgasm in the middle of class.
Later in the showers Krissy manages to rinse him off and Bill nearly goes down the drain until picked up on a bar of soap. Lucky finally is able to reverse the spell and he is caught in the girls showers, which lands Bill in some trouble. Krissy now starts to think Bill is weird and has doubts but does decide to go steady with him in the long run. Elsewhere Tony while being questioned at the Police office decides to try and accuse Bill of dealing drugs to get himself a lighter sentence so a few officers begin staking Bill out.Bill then makes his final wish for financial stability and he is given an abundance of cash before sending Lucky in his bottle back to Ireland.  Bill and Krissy's relationship continues to blossom and she reveals to Bill that she like him is still a virgin and she plans on staying that way until marriage , this prompts Bill to pop the question to which she quickly says yes.

Bill and Krissy get hitched and while on their way to their honeymoon, Tony is found hiding in their car and he high jacks the ride and cuffs and nabs Krissy. Then out of nowhere comes some strange barbarian on horseback whom provides Bill with a horse to give chase. Bill catches up with Tony and they duel with shish Kebabs .... This leads to tony hitting a beehive and Tony runs off into the sunset from the swarm. Bill and Krissy arrive at their suite when the two detectives arrive to arrest Bill for drug smuggling but since they cannot prove anything they ask what the package was he sent to Ireland was and he goes into explaining the entire leprechaun story. The officers think he is just crazy but they cannot bust him for that so they go back after Tony for the false info, Krissy however refuses to believe the story and will not put out until she gets the truth , when conveniently enough Lucky appears in a cider bottle in their room ending the film before we get to see Bill actually get Lucky.

First of all for a sex comedy in the tradition of Revenge of the Nerds and the like this film is entirely lacking any sex and offers very little nudity, At the same time providing little to nothing on the comic side of things either. Secondly for a Troma film this one is rather bland and vanilla by their standards of the usual low brow shock and gross out humor and gratuitous nudity. Getting Lucky falls flat on nearly every aspect possible and does not deliver the goods promised in the title whatsoever. Anyone who sits through this film is most certainly not Lucky by any means and it is just an utter waste of celluloid. For some reason I had high hopes of this one going in, I couldn't tell you why,I simply just did. I was thinking this was gonna be another harmless skinemax low brow comedy and although I suppose it is , it has to be one of the worst i have seen in awhile, or at least since the Assault of the party nerds series and even those two films were far superior to this piece of trash. I cannot even recommend this one to completists of Troma because to me this film does not really represent them as a company whatsoever. Pass on this one by any means, unless you really like the shitiest if the shit films, in that case waste your life with this garbage by all means.
Gore: N/A
Overall:2.5 out of 10

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