Wednesday, May 25, 2011

7,000 views and reader appreciation yet again

Well, My little site has reached a little over 7,000 views now and The readership seems to be rising pretty substantially in the last few months and I could not be happier. I hope you all enjoyed My Tribute to the lesser known films of Troma in Troma Appreciation month. I have a few more to get to before the month is over than back to the usual random film that strikes my fancy at the given time. I am planning on reviewing Killer Condom, Graduation Day and maybe the secondary Troma mascot film Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD . However I may not make it to all three before the end of the month due to work. I have no plans for any genre specific themes for next month but I do have a ton of films I have been holding off on in lew of The Troma month. A few I am planning on getting to very soon are,
Class of 1984
Killer Pussy (sexual Parasite)
Rabid Dogs
Honestly the list could go on forever, as I have managed to pick up quite a few goodies in the last few months.So stay tuned and please continue to show the support , I truly appreciate it. I would love to do a Readers choice month but I don't seem to get enough actual feedback or votes on the polls to justify doing so, So I will just bring the random until I do achieve a more interactive reader group, But as long as people out there are checking my site out I will continue to bring the reviews and punish myself by sitting through some of these winners.....
                                     Thanks to all the readers,
                                                       Nathaniel (Dick Swift) Guest
P.S. If you are a returning reader please sign up and follow my page here, and leave comments. It really makes my day having a chance to interact with fellow film fanatics and it would mean allot to me.

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