Monday, May 16, 2011


Monsturd (2003)
Dir:Rick Popko and Dan West (Retardead)

Sometimes I just know better when going  into one of this films, I knew I should not have bothered with this film but to honor my Troma Month I dove in to the shit quite literally with this flick, Monsturd. Now this films is not the standard Troma film produced by Legendary Mr. Kaufman this is one of the many films he felt the urge to help finance or at least provide a major DVD release.... Sometimes I don't understand his logic but anyway here it goes.

The film opens up showing off it's tremendous budget as we see a doll house posing as a real house where a young girl is trying to sleep but asks her father to tell her a story, The father decides that he would like to switch things up and have his daughter tell him a story.The girl then goes on t tell her father a scary story , of the Monsturd. In Butte county a research center is working with chemical waste when a meltdown occurs killing one of the scientists in the process, Meanwhile across the county in Sacramento  A  Prisoner escapes the maximum security jail and heads into through the woods into town. While Some officers are hot on Jack Schmitt's trail Dr.Stern is busy trying to dispose of the evidence of the incident at his plant so he pours the remains of the deceased employee along with some nuclear waste into the towns sewer system. Shortly after that Mr. Schmitt is caught in the sewer by Sheriff Duncan and FBI Agent Hannigan as they open fire on him forcing him into the waste which seems to eat him alive.

Suspicious of the chemicals in the sewer Agent Hannigan and the Sheriff do some investigating which leads them to Dr. Stern. Stern quickly sneaks off and attempts to hide his mess, But strange things begin happening through the town as random people are turning up missing leaving nothing but ruined bathrooms as evidence. After a few incidents the officers  find a reoccurring trait of someone leaving jokes written on the wall of the attack leading the authorities to believe that Schmitt has something to do with it although they know he is dead.

The officers still believe that these are just random missing persons cases while the FBI agent thinks otherwise and then the truth comes to surface as A young girl witnesses the shit monster kill her father and she describes the beast to the officers. They come to the conclusion that Mr. Schmitt has been somehow transformed to a shit monster that feeds on the living and attacks via the sewer system. The sheriff attempts to talk the townsfolk out of using their toilets but the Butte County Chili Cook off is coming up and that means trouble for the citizens. As the agents work  out a plan of attack Dr.Stern finds the beast and tries to befriend it in exchange for research,  So Stern tries his hardest to detour the people on the case. The sheriff and Agent Hannigan Find that the beast has a weakness, Pepto Bismol and shits natural enemy the common Fly. The investigators devise a plan to lead the beast into the sunlight to weaken it and release flies on it . As the Chili Cook off begins the agents head to the sewers and after Dr. Stern is turned on and killed the police are able to lead the beast into the light and they open supersoakers of Bismol on it before releasing  a million flies on it. The flies eat the Monsturd and we get a happy ending. Before the credits roll we see the young girl wrapping up her story and the closing cliffhanger is that.....Hollywood had bought the rights to the story and made a movie of it...Yeah and what a film it was.

All jokes aside , if you enjoy bathroom humor you will probably get a kick out of this film because it is just one long drawn out shit and fart joke.All and all considering it's premise the film is not that bad it is just so stupid it becomes hard to enjoy. Besides the fact the Monster is literally shit nothing really makes the thing stand out as it is not much different than any other monster film as , The beast eats gets bigger stronger and continues its path . something we have all seen before.I thought the shot taken at South Park was pretty funny and the movie does have some humorous moments, It is clear from the gate what to expect from this film and on that level they do deliver but I just cannot fathom another watch of this film anytime for any reason. So in closing Monsturd is indeed shitty but it's harmless and I suppose a decent watch if you are bored shitless. I think for my next review I am going to dabble in some of the pre Toxie Troma as I have not been impressed with the post 2000's material I have seen thus far.
Overall: 4 out of 10

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