Saturday, May 7, 2011

Time for the 3rd Readers choice poll.

This time I am gonna go for some of the lesser known Films from the folks at Troma. The choices are....
                                                                     1. Cry Uncle!
                                                                 2.Rabid Grannies
                                                                            (2 votes)

                                                                        ( 3 votes)

                                                                   3.Luther the Geek

                                                                4.Meatweed Madness

                                                                            ( 1 vote)

All of these promise to be real stinkers, So I know what I am getting into with this one. Either something so bad it's good or something just downright awful. So friends and readers do your worst.
Voting will be given two weeks or so and then the winning film will get a review as usual, Please post your choice here or at my Facebook page at......

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