Wednesday, April 13, 2011

S.S. Experiment Love Camp

S.S. Experiment Love Camp (1976)
A.K.A. Captive Women
Dir: Sergio Garrone (S.S. Camp 5 Women's Hell/Django The Bastard/ Lover of the Monster)

Ah, The Nazisploitation sub-genre. This genre has to have some of the most boring of the exploitation cinema categories. For every Ilsa She wolf of the S.S. and Salon Kitty you get treated to ten of theses knock off's and unfortunately tonight that is just what I am looking at. One of the more boring of the genre in S.S. Experiment Love Camp.
                Like every other film in the genre this one takes place in a women's prison under the Nazi Regime, In the prison the S.S. are holding several experiments in torture and sexual nature between the enslaved women and the Nazi soldiers. For the entire first hour or so of the movie we just see different prisoners being molested and tortured as usual and nothing new is brought to the table.Prisoner taken to lab killed in experiment and rinse and repeat.

After the first few death scenes and bodies of victims are burned, we are treated to a group shower scene and then the sexual experiments where the prisoners are paired up with several Nazi Soldiers. After watching Sgt. Helmut in action with one of the ladies Col.Von Kleiben decides he wants to take place in a transplant surgery in order to gain his sexual prowess but, we will get to that a little later.

                                      " I have a feeling I am gonna lose my nuts sometime soon"

And more girls are tortured and killed in lackluster attempts to shock the viewer. During a orgy scene one of the prisoners who is whored out is a virgin and after being raped she attacks one of the commanding officers, this leads to her being shot and hung out to bleed to death. This does not sit well with the others female inmates and they begin to pointlessly fight back. Helmut is apparently falling for the prisoner he was paired up with during the last set of experiments and asks to be paired with her again the Col. agrees if Helmut goes through with a transplant surgery he has in mind. The two Nazi's are put under for a testicular transplant and the col. quickly sets out to try his newly found mojo with a private party. While The Col. is enjoying his new found balls , Helmut learns that he can no longer make love and snaps going after all responsible for this heinous act.We also see a flashback of why the Col. needs the transplant due to him having his balls biten off by a women when he was younger.After approaching the doctor responsible , the doctor feels guilt and kills himself as Helmut heads to the Col.'s Party. Helmut opens fire on the officers and leaves the Col. to the women to take care of. After the Col. is dead Helmut and his lady friend try to flee and despite his heroic efforts Helmut is outnumbered and gunned down in the process.

                                                        " I knew it, I dun lost my mojo"
                                                          " I must get my nuts back!"
                                                                       Lunch time!
                                             " I should have never agreed to be in this film"

Sadly there is not much to say about this film as it is pretty dull and uneventful. This is just another typical Nazisploitation flick trying to capitalize on the popularity of war films and exploitation flicks like Ilsa and Salon Kitty. Nothing helps this film stand out and it is just a bore. I had trouble sitting through this one honestly and not because it is disturbing or gory just because it is flat out bland and boring as hell. Now most of the Nazisploitation films are real similar in plot but some manage to be entertaining with the over the top antics and scenes of violence but this one is just a pointless cash in and not worth the waste of time. Stick with the Ilsa trilogy or something like Women's Prison Massacre if you are looking for some tasteless exploitation fun.
This film is just an excuse to get a whole bunch of rather average girls naked on screen at one time and the pay off is not worth the torture of sitting through this film.
Overall:3 out of 10


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