Friday, April 22, 2011

Psychos In Love

Psychos In Love (1987)
Dir:Gorman Bechard (Galactic Gigolo/Cemetery High)

So I was in the mood for something light hearted and this film has always had a special place in my heart ever since my childhood and I decided to check it out again to see how well it holds up through the test of time. I gotta say it most certainly does and I can see why I loved this film so much as a child , but at the same time it explains just how screwed up I was as a kid.
Psychos in love is the tale of to lonely social outcasts with a mutual hatred for grapes who both happen to be psychotic slashers. The film opens with a few random women being killed and then we meet Joe, A local bar owner and madman who is just looking for love. He believes he had found it when he meets a woman named Dianne, things appear to be going well until he finds that she loves grapes and this just does not sit well with Joe at all as he kills her in a nod to "Psycho" recreating the shower scene with more success than the poorly done Vince Vaughn remake. Shortly after the failed date, Joe exclaims that he believes he has found love once again as Kate walks into his bar. Unbeknown to him though Kate also has a similar hobby and we see her in action as she off's several potential suitors.

 Kate approaches the bar and the two strike up conversation which leads to them learning of the shared hatred for anything grape. Kate comes on strong and they set a date. Joe and Kate go to the drive-in and grab some Chinese food. After dinner the two get closer and Joe opens up to Kate about him being a homicidal maniac and this excites Kate as she comes clean about her similar obsession. After the two hook up they compare stories of their victims and discuss the intricacies of their craft. Things move along fast as Joe moves Kate into his place and they decide to keep their relationship open in order to allow themselves room to continue their hobbies of killing people of the opposite sex. So as their relationship continues to blossom we see the two lovebirds in action, taking out several victims.

Meanwhile across town a third psycho named Herman surfaces, who poses as a plumber and kills his clients before eating their remains. The killers unknowingly cross paths as Herman enters Joe's bar hitting on any woman in sight in hopes of finding a victim.Kate runs into some trouble when she goes to a mechanic's shop to give the man a Manicure,Though things go wrong when he reveals he plans on raping her in the secluded area. Kate manages to stab him and make her escape but she is eventually caught after a chase through the woods where he manages to overpower Kate and assault her before she struggles and finally takes the guy out with a rock to the skull. After this botched murder Kate tells Joe that she is losing her passion for killing and Joe is losing his love for the "sport" as well. The couple decides to take a break from the bloodletting to get married. Before they tie the knot some signs of jealousy start to show as Kate catches Joe with a potential victim and she feels that Joe found the woman sexy as she was auditioning to dance at his bar.

Since the couple cant seem to let their hobby go as easily as they thought , Kate says she wants to perform a kill together as a couple. Joe loves the idea and decides to bring his dancer home from work. The stripper puts the moves on Kate before getting stabbed. While Joe goes to fetch some drinks to celebrate their first killing as a team , the victim is not dead and attacks Kate. Joe makes the save by cutting her throat and the stripper just does not want to die as she repeatedly keeps getting up. Finally after a few shotgun blasts she gos down and the couple decide to chop her up to make sure she is dead. After their display of teamwork they tie the knot and head out on their honeymoon. While at a nightclub Kate offers to get a hooker for them in order to fulfill Joe's "Jack The Ripper" fantasy. As the newlyweds return home they decide to finally give up the killing and try to find a new hobby. They come up with the idea of buying a VCR in order to watch slasher flicks to fill their void of blood. After Renting every horror flick at a local video shop.

Things are starting to look up now as they have successfully stopped killing and Joe's business is going well, everything seems to be taking a turn for the normal until The couple has a problem with their kitchen sink being clogged. Joe calls a plumber to fix the issue. Herman arrives on the scene and while unclogging the drain he finds human remains and starts to eat the disposed flesh. Herman tells Joe and Kate of his findings and blackmails them into killing for him, as he will not report them to the police if they agree to kill for him and supply him with the remains. The three psychos debate over this proposition since they have retired from bloodletting. After a bit of negotiating Herman breaks a cardinal rule by mentioning a Grape sauce he uses when preparing his favorite dish. At this point the lights cut off and a struggle ensues in the dark, When the lights cut back on everyone is covered in blood but Joe and Kate have survived. The couple head out to lunch and after storming out of the restaurant for a waiter suggesting grapes the two walk off debating what to eat when Joe admits to loving raisin Bran which he refuses to believe raisins are dried grapes.

As odd as this may sound I think Psychos in Love would make for a great date movie, especially with a fan of horror and comedy blends. The entire film is done comedically especially with the dialog and the several cuts breaking the fourth wall which purposely aim to show the movie is a comedy and not to be taken serious,like one scene where the cameraman keeps flashing back and forth between the lovebirds until the mic comes into the shot and the couple kicks the cameraman out of their house and the final scene after the battle between the couple and Herman where the entire film crew is shown spraying blood all over the set. The on going joke about grapes is about as weird as you can get but is truly hilarious.This film is a winner in my eyes and I can still see why I loved it as a child, it has just enough nudity and gore to keep horror and slasher enthusiasts happy and enough humor and legitimate cute scenes to win over just about anyone. I cannot think of any reason why someone would not like this film it is just pure fun and goofiness and good harmless entertainment. I definitely recommend this film for fans of horror comedies because this one is one of the first to cross the genres and it does it very successfully in my opinion. Also I repeat , I think this would be a great choice for a movie night with a date or loved one because it is really a romantic comedy above all and a decent one at that.
Overall 7 out of 10

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