Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hobo With A Shotgun

Hobo With A Shotgun (2011)
Dir:Jason Eisner
Starring: Rutger Hauer (The Hitcher)

An unnamed Hobo comes into "Scum" Town and immediately notices this town is not the norm. The entire city is overrun with lowlifes and criminals. Within his first few moments in this strange place he is forced to witness a public execution of sorts, When local crime boss Drake and his two sons Ivan and Slick are preparing to decapitate a member of their own family. Drake and his boys place the mans head in a hollowed out manhole cover and lower him into the ground before wrapping a barbed wire noose around his neck strapped to a car and drive off severing his head. After the citizens witness this the Hobo ends up stumbling across Drake's Headquarters , which is an arcade where the local young junkies hang out and gang members kill their foes in game style executions. Slick decides to take up with a Hooker there and while attempting to kidnap her, The hobo makes the save. After a fight with Slick the Hobo takes the mob boss' son to the police station only to find the cops are on the payroll and our Hobo hero is carved up and thrown out on the street. Where the hooker Abby takes him to her house to clean him up and give him shelter for saving her earlier.
                                                             Downtown Hayward?

                                                          The Dude Bro's hit the streets

The following morning the hobo heads back out on the streets to make some money to buy a lawnmower he has had his eye on. In the process hooking up with the Bum Fights style film maker who forces the hobo to eat glass for cash. After making enough for the mower he heads to the pawn shop. While there a robbery takes place and the hobo strikes back using a shotgun from the store and after taking out the thugs he pays for the shotgun instead and hits the streets to do some cleaning. Quickly the townsfolk get behind the vigilante hobo and this does not please Drake. Drake sends his boys out to strike fear back into the community, they do so by burning a school bus full of children in the process. After they take over a newscast and tell the citizens that if they do not come together to kill this hobo , Drake and his gang will kills all the towns children and families one by one. Frightened the citizens begin to rally together to get the Hobo Hero.
The residents hit the streets killing any homeless person they see, including mothers and children in the process  to find the vigilante. Meanwhile The hobo once again saves Abby from danger as a crooked cop tries to rape her. After shooting the cop the mob of townsfolk give chase but Abby hides him in the remains of the cop claiming the hobo is dead. Back at Abby's the hobo tells her his plans of getting a lawnmower and starting his own landscaping business, but before the two can hit the road to pursue that dream Slick and Ivan are tipped off to the hobo's location and they pay the two a visit. While the Hobo is occupied by fighting off Ivan whom is attacking with ice skates, Abby is being cut with a saw by Slick. The hobo luckily makes the save just in time after electrifying Ivan and strapping his shotgun to Slick's dick and blowing it off before killing him.
As the hobo heads to the hospital to save Abby, Drake is informed of the situation and calls for help in the form of The Plague. The Plague are two heavily armored assassins who look like they could be cheap sci-fi robots crossed with something out of Mad Max. After Abby is saved in the hospital The plague shows up and manage to snag the hobo and take him to Drake's Headquarters.
Scene from the Hobo Holocaust
Vanilla Ice in a cut scene from Cool as Ice
Somehow I don't think this was the kind of Penile implant he was hoping for

                                          This guy looks like an extra from Neon Maniacs

Once Drake has his hands on the hobo he sets up another one of his manhole decapitations for the townsfolk too watch, But Abby now armed to the teeth with weaponry she stole from the pawn shop attempts to make the save. She does manage to take out one of the Plague members before being snagged bu Drake and having her hand fed to a Lawnmower. After a long struggle she manages to free the hobo whom aims to finish off Drake as the police arrive to stop him and then we get a standoff between the Police and the townsfolk who appear to be behind the hobo once again. This leads to our final shootout leaving several dead in the wake.

                                                  I couldn't help but laugh at this one.

                                                 And the tire from "Rubber" strikes again..?

Hobo With A Shotgun is another one of the newly popular Neo Grindhouse style films made popular by the likes of "Planet Terror" ,"Death Proof", "Machete" and the like. I will say that the premise of this one is pretty true to the original grindhouse format of vigilante films but truly it feels more like a 90's Troma style film more than anything. That being said I don't think that is exactly a bad thing. To me this one was kind of a cross between Street Trash and Falling Down, Which makes for an interesting and entertaining flick. If you enjoy over the top gore , dialog and characters similar to those found in Troma films you will no doubt enjoy this one, But if you are looking for a serious revenge flick like "Falling Down" then look elsewhere.In all honesty I have seen the original trailer for this film which won the Robert Rodriguez Grind House trailer competition and did not feature Rutger Hauer in it, and truthfully I thought that one looked like a more interesting film and stayed closer to the Grind House genre but this film is fun and a breeze to sit through. Watch this one along side Machete and you could have yourself a pretty decent action movie night, that has just enough nostalgia to appeal to Grind house style films and newer action movie fans alike.
Overall: 7 out of 10

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