Saturday, April 16, 2011

Come show your support

Come support Local Bay Area Graff Artists and Musicians May 6th at the Era Art Bar in Downtown Oakland, Ca.  The Show will feature Graffiti Exhibits from GroundSick Family members Goser and Ferm along with many more Local talented artists and  Live music From Cozy T (Swoon) and Spinning  By GroundSick's Dyes Uno and Hoeks One . Plus many more. Come down and show your support for the underground. Plus it is a few days after my B-Day so I should be there as well, at that should count for something. I will have a better flyer soon, I just received the news of the event and pulled this flyer from Facebook so the quality is shit but The show promises to be much better than that.

Artists Featured will be: Goser,Ferm,Johnny X-Ray,Germs,Silencer, Dayser,4Gett,Amuse, O.G., and Vote
Musical Performances By : Dyes Uno, Hoeks One, Cozy T, D.J. Habit

 Come support and take in the vibes.
May 6th
 Misfortune and Fame show
@ Era Art Bar
Downtown Oakland, Ca

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