Friday, April 15, 2011

Quick Plugs for my Fam

As many of you readers may know I am a lyricist and since I have nothing recent to plug I would like to take this time to help promote my friends products.

If you are into underground purist Hip-Hop than check these guys out, First My friend of many years and fellow M.C.. Drake Blackmon has recently released three new projects two instrumental albums and his Solo project as well. I have been friends with Drake for along time and we used to host a local college radio show together when we were too young to even attend college, so figure that one out. But the guy is crazy talented and worth giving a listen.You can find all of his music available for download for free at

All these albums are very solid and this music come from his heart since this guy has been a pillar of knowledge on the subject of underground Hip Hop since I have known him back when we were in our pre teens and his intelligence of the craft truly shines through on these three projects. I may give a in depth review on all his stuff sometime but since this is a Movie site I may not , just know that I give this the highest recommendation especially for those looking for something different than the usual and want to feel that the Underground is still alive and well these days thanks to cats like Drake Blackmon.

Also, My fam at , A site dedicated to several facets of underground Culture including my site (Hence the banner at the top of my page) Groundsick is a collection of many different types of Artists and musicians, From Graff Artists to clothing designers to D.J.'s to M.C.'s you should check their site  out. The folks at Groundsick have just released some new projects one from a Friend of mine Todd Snyderman  and very talented drummer who worked with me on a older track of mine entiitled "Dead Roses" is now in a band on the brink of gaining some nice exposure. So Check out Swoon, The music is a bit hard to describe as it has many different influences but if you enjoy rock music you should definitley give them a look.
Then, Co-Founder of Ground Sick Dyes Uno has just released his first Instrumental album entitled " The Gnarly EP" He has worked on this one for a long time now and I have to say that Dyes is one of the most talented producers I have heard. You can find the Gnarly EP on iTunes and links at
Lastly, You can find some of my latest music on on the Swift's Garage vol.1 album. It is a full length album myself , Doctor Scott and Advance put together in home and there are also videos for all of the songs on youtube so just type in Swift's Garage and vol.10 -19 are full length songs . This was allot of fun to make so please check it out, I think it came out rather well. Also You can find several solo projects by Doctor Scott there as well. This music is definitely something different and I personally find it quite enjoyable, So please Support the Underground and Local Bay Area Artists by listening , viewing and downloading all you can, It will be worth your time I promise.
                                                                          Support Independent Music,
                                                                                                   Nathaniel (Dick Swift) Guest

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