Monday, February 6, 2012

Bikini Car Wash 2

Bikini Carwash 2 (1993)

Dir: Gary Dean Orona (Halloween Porn Parody,Silence of the Lambs Porn Parody,Psycho Porn Parody)

IMDB Rating 2.2 out of 10

Well as I stated in the last review I have a certain attachment to The Bikini Carwash Company films and thus why I rated such a schlock film so highly, However I do not have that same attachment to the sequel , So with that said how does the sequel to the T& A classic stack up to it's "legendary" predecessor? Let's find out shall we?

           The Bikini Carwash sequel opens up apparently several years after the original and now Melissa has become a successful business woman through the Car Wash Company. She now works at a big time financial fund along with all of her pals from the Car Wash. The firm is run by a man named Sanders who plans on buying out the Car Washes yet allowing Melissa and friends to continue to operate them. However upon closing the deal he reveals his plans to tear down the Washes and build Condo's in the space. He offer's the girls a hefty salary to sell out their ownership but after returning to the old biz, The girls realize how much they miss the old days and want to re-neg on the arrangement. Sanders refuses to give in at first but after Melissa uses her seductive ways to lower sanders' guards he gives in agreeing to sell ownership back to Melissa if she can come up with 4 million dollars, the catch though they need to come up with the cash in one week.

Melissa and crew try brainstorming on ways to come up with the cash and they decide they can sell things using their bodies (Big Surprise). Melissa decides to utilize the skills of the office nerd Derek who wants to be a director to film them selling lingerie, But the problem lies in where they can get this little project aired. The gang heads to the most unlikely of places and after using the powers of seduction once again, they get a time slot on a local public access channel which typically airs religious programming. Soon the Lingerie Shopping Network is off and running. At first they get no business due to lack of substance and a sales pitch and plus the viewers are displeased with the gyrating women on their wholesome screen. After the failure of a first day, the girls decide to incorporate some skits and erotica , using "Everyday" scenarios to lead into soft porn scenes to sell the product. This instantly spikes the business as we see the viewers at home getting turned on by the on screen romance , Believing that this lingerie will perk up their dying sex lives at home.

As the station gains popularity Mr. Sanders begins to get worried and he decides to take action, First by contacting the state censors informing them that the station is providing on air pornography and then by trying to trick one of Melissa's friends Sunny into working for him by bribing her with a big salary and a new house, Also telling her that Melissa used to take credit for her ideas at the Car wash company. Sunny falls for this and begins relaying info back to Sanders to give to the censors. Shortly after a censor and safety rep. arrives on the set and begins coming down on the girls. Lucky for Melissa her old friend Amy is now a lawyer and afer some flirting she manages to convince the representative to let up on the station , of course this is once again accomplished with sexual acts obviously. Meanwhile Melissa catches Sunny sending information off to Sanders and they have a falling out, Sunny feels bad and begs for forgiveness.

Things continue to go down hill for the girls as they approach their deadline when the male talent is too tired to perform. Melissa puts out a contest to all male customers , stating that every 1000 customer can come to the station and play out a fantasy of their choosing with any of the girls on the station. This of course boosts business hugely just as Rita receives a call from someone stating that the station is dirty which she replies by saying she will get some soap and water and clean it up... She then takes a bucket of water and pours it into the station control equipment causing the station to go off the air. Sanders see's this and believes it is his Censor rep responsible for the shut down. Melissa and crew are ready to give up when Derek finally steps up and makes a speech about dreams and not quitting , which inspires everyone to fix the issues and get back up and running. After all is back to full swing the deadline arrives and the crew show up at Sander's office to face their fate. To no one but Sander's surprise the girls made the goal and not only that but the company chairman fires Sander's and allows the girls to keep the money they raised. Afterwards Derek receives a opportunity to film a documentary on the Bikini Car Wash. The girls return to running the wash and are nice enough to hire Sander's as well. the Girl's get back to work as a rock band plays and a film crew shoots their documentary. Once again all is happy in this bikini filled wonderland.

Although this film is basically a scene for scene remake basically of the original just with a different back story, This films does not have anywhere near the charm that the first film did. I can totally see how the director of this sequel went on to direct porn films, since this entire film is mostly just topless women dancing around and lame soft porn sequences played off as soft porn sequences. I know that the first film was also just set pieces leading to nude women but it seemed more fluid and made more sense in that film for some reason to me. Another thing I could not stand in this film was the over the top use of the crazy shifting camera shots that were so popular during the time thanks to MTV and shows like the grind. Basically that is how this film could be summed up, as The Grind with boobs. The acting of course is awful and the humor is about as low brow as you could get with the exception of no fart or poop jokes. Bikini Carwash 2 is just a blatant cash in on the cult following that the original had garnered a few years prior and thanks to the Skinemax boom of soft porn films in video stores and late night cable during the 90's we got this lame addition to the pack. As  I stated this one just seemed to miss the mark and lacks the "charm" of the original, which actually has a few actually funny moments throughout. Perhaps if I saw this one when I was younger , around the time I saw the original I would have a different take on it but as is I just don't care for this film nearly as much as the prior film although they are basically the same in structure and substance. If you enjoy this kind of film it may be worth a watch but just keep n mind that most of the cheesy comedy and set up's are exchanged for longer drawn out nude scenes that really don't do much but repeat the same shots over and over through a shaky film lens .I will however give this film some credit on a few things though, They did manage to continue the streak of hiring some truly gorgeous women for this film, Most of which were returning from the original film like Kristi Ducati "Melissa" Sara Suzanne Brown "Sunny" And Neriah Davis "Rita" along with some new members to the cast such as Melissa Berrick "Cyndi". Another positive note for the film is their emphasis on safe sex, which as lame as it sounds I think was an awesome touch to the film since it's focus was mainly random hook up's and it is always nice to see a film that is so heavy on the fluff, at least attempt to show the bimbo's and knuckleheads being somewhat responsible when doing so. However pro's and Con's aside this film just does not capture the same feeling and appeal as the first entry , But it is still a fun way to kill an hour and a half with some beers and perhaps some pal's while barbecuing and just letting it play in the background. A total "Dude" film for sure. 

Fun Factor:3
Overall: 3 out of 10


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