Friday, February 10, 2012

Explaining my new more strict rating system

Due to the complaints that I have been too lenient on some films and finding that too many flicks are falling into the 5.5-6.5 area on the chart I have decided to adjust my ratings system in order to better provide insight in to whether or not a flick I review is actually good.So with that said here is the new rating system and what each number explains. Also I will continue rating by category in order to make a final assessment.


Gore: Based on all on screen gore effects, Not taking into consideration off screen kills. Exception being in the case of  only the most excellent gore make up shown after a off screen killing or fight scene.

Nudity: Based on all full frontal and rear nudity, No side boob or cleavage considered. Sexy outfits and breasts exposed with lack of nipple not counted as Nudity.

Story: Based on the actual presentation of the premise. How well the story is put together and gets from point A to point B. Extra points for originality and interesting plot points.

Characters:Based upon the cast in said film. Points given for main characters and sub characters that add to the experience. Extra points given for original or endearing cast members i.e. funny characters or cast members that evoke actual emotion from the viewer.

Fun Factor: This category is where the review takes a personal turn as it is based on how much I enjoyed the film as a viewing experience. If a film can keep my attention. Not to say a film is better because it is more "Fun" it just means it made the time go by faster and the film did not drag as much.

Overall: All points from previous categories will be tallied up to come to a overall rating on the entire film as a whole.

Ratings Points Explanation:

0= Very rare that a film will get this rating, This is reserved for what i believe to be the worst films ever created, Being that I know there will always be something worse I very rarely will rate a film a 0.

1= God awful, A chore to sit through. No redeeming  qualities whatsoever. After much deliberation nothing could save this film from being utter trash.

2= Really bad flick, was incredibly hard to find anything to like about the film as a whole.

3=Not good by any means but had a few moments throughout to make it worth a watch if there is nothing else around to do at the time.

4= Has it's moments but overall nothing memorable

5= Decent flick but still nothing really worth watching again

6= Good film and fun to be had but nothing groundbreaking, maybe worth a few watches.

7= definitely worth adding to your personal collection, but still may not be anything  trail blazing.

8= Great movie definitely testing new waters or is top of the heap in it's respective genre.

9= Hard to beat, not much wrong with the film as a whole. Must have in collection.

10= Groundbreaking stuff , Flawless film and a great viewing experience. Certainly something that will not be easily forgotten and will become the bar for future film viewing.

So with these laid out I will try and provide a more accurate rating of the films I review here. Keep in mind I am reviewing films that are for the most part considered trash to the masses or are hidden ems in film that most may not have even bothered giving the time of day. keep in mind that none of the flicks I review are gonna be mainstream award worthy and my ratings are based on my personal love for the genre and the films forgotten and thrown aside by Hollywood and most film goers in general.I hope this helps out and I will have more variety to the way I score these gems.

                                                                Nathaniel "Dick Swift" Guest

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