Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thanks for the support and more site news

So once again I would like to thank all those who stop by here regularly and those who just stumbled upon this site thanks to a pic I posted of bailey jay months back which has oddly caused allot of traffic to my site, for the continuing support as I have reached 42,000 plus views since inception.
            Aside from that i would also like to note that I will be returning to my "Women of cinema" additions this month with a small tribute to the Queen of Blaxploitation Pam Grier, So look for a small bio of her complete with some of the nicer Nude photos I can find of her, Which should be easy since she is stunning even to this day in her older age she is still beautiful. I will be continuing the Tribute to Black cinema through February followed by some big plans in the coming months.
         Again thanks for the support, I love ya all.  
                                                                         Nathaniel "DIck Swift" Guest

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