Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Interesting Discovery and Site News 2/2012

Today while looking through my past reviews , well at least my poster collection of all the films I had reviewed here (Which I keep track of in a photo album on facebook) , I realized that there are several films (Mostly Slasher flicks) that I though I had gotten to here but apparently I have not. So with that said , After I am finished with this years Blaxploitation History month I will be focusing on the films I thought I got to but forgot to.....Or something. Maybe that could be the title of the theme for the next month? So march , finances and internet bills willing I will be getting back to my roots and focusing on some of my favorite Slasher flicks I thought I had already gotten to here. Films like those of H.G. Lewis, films like Madman and The Toxic Avenger series and some lesser known gems I hold near and dear, I  am honestly puzzled as to why I hadn't gotten to them early in the sites earlier days. On another side note, May is approaching and that means two things. First my Birthday and more importantly it will be the second year Anniversary of my humble little site here. So I have decided that in the month of May I will be focusing on my favorite films (At least the ones i believe would fit nicely here) So I can give the readers  a little insight on what films helped turn me into the fan of strange cinema that I am today, This will be hard though as many of them i have already reviewed but I am gonna try my hardest to provide some I have not gotten to yet along with a top ten list of my honest favorite cult and genre films of all time with a brief description and why I love the films so much. Well enough of the news and updates on planned events for the site, now back to the job hunt so i can keep this site running.
                                                                                            Nathaniel "Dick Swift" Guest

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