Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pam Grier: The strongest woman in Cinema

When one thinks of women being portrayed as strong and beautiful on screen, Pam Grier should always be at the top of the list. I have never before nor since seen a woman with the ability to blend the Sexy and sometimes vulnerable appearance yet always getting the point across that she can kick the ass of any man that crosses her. In a genre of film filled with over the top tough guys and hustlers played by manly men like Richard Roundtree,Fred Williamson,Jim Brown and Issac Hayes , Pam always was able to hold her own and at times be even more dangerous and powerful just due to her alluring attributes. Not to mention she could dish out the jive with the best of em'. When one thinks of Blaxploitation cinema Grier is one name that personifies the genre without a doubt. With a long list of classics of the genre such as Black Mama, White Mama/Coffy/Foxxy Brown and Friday Foster just to name a few.

         Born Pamela Suzette ,May 26th 1949 in Winston Salem North carolina. Grier got her start in film while working as a receptionist for American International Pictures when she was offered a small role as a party goer in the infamous "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls". After being spotted in that film she was given her first big opportunity at a starring role in Eddie Romero's "Black Mama, White Mama" along side co-star Margaret Markov. Following the success of her performance in that film Grier went on to do a few other similar films and became somewhat of the go to girl for american WIP films. Her performances as the tough chick in peril eventually scored her the role of the urban tough chick with films like Coffy and Foxxy Brown where she became the female alternative to the male heavy vigilante exploitation roles like Shaft and the slew of others so popular at the time, From there the rest was history. Until the Blaxploitation boom died down and so did Pam's career, since she had become type cast as the strong woman out for revenge, It seemed there was not much out there for Pam. Until the 90's when the Blaxploitation cinema had somewhat of a resurgence with the release of films like "Return of Superfly" "Action Jackson" and the spoof "I'm gonna get you sucka!" then in 1996 she scored a role in the film "Original Gangstas" alongside several other Blaxploitation legends. Her big score came a year later when avid grindhouse and cult cinema fan Quentin Tarrantino Cast Grier as the lead in "Jackie Brown" after the success of that film Pam's career seemed to take off once again and she further solidified herself as the queen of Black Cinema. Later showing her softer and more serious side in the cable t.v. show "The L-Word". Since then Grier has remained somewhat in the limelight as a legend of american cinema.

                  Pam Grier helped prove that women can be just as rough and tough on screen as the guys and no one can do it better than her. It is refreshing to see such a lovely lady being portrayed as more than just a piece of ass , although she never shy'd away from showing hers as awesome as it is. Pam also was not the typical bone thin actress that is so popular in Hollywood as she proved that curves are certainly never gonna go out of style and she made it sexy to be proud of your body no matter what. Now she was not obese by any means but when one thinks of the word "Thick" one would have to sight Grier as the status quo in that department. With her full breasts and hips amongst other things, She proved that being womanly is truly more appealing than being a waif, And for that I thank her.  I doubt there will ever be another woman to fill her shoes when she finally passes on the torch but here's hoping there are more like Pam too come in the future. Blaxploitation has a Queen and her name is Coffy . Many have tried but none can pull off the femme fatale better than this lovely lady. I dare anyone to try and prove me wrong on that one.

         So, you all know what kind of site this is by now folks. So here is some eye candy in the form of Pam  Grier......In my opinion one of the sexiest women to ever grace the silver screen. Even to this day she is beautiful and proves that "Black don't crack"

It's easy to see why she was one of my biggest crushes growing up and I will always have that spot in my heart reserved for this gorgeous specimen. Thanks for the sweet dreams Pam you are the best!

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