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The Bikini Car wash Company

The Bikini Car Wash Company (1992)

Dir: Ed Hansen (Takin' it all Off)

IMDB Rating: 3.9 out of 10

Ah, Yes. The one that started it all for me. I fondly remember discovering this little gem of  a  film on USA's Up all night when I was about 12 or 13. I also remember having quite a special feeling upon seeing this film for the first time, the experience was only heightened shortly after when I saw it on Cinemax with all the glorious nudity in tact. Of all the early 90's soft core skin flicks out there this one has to be the most iconic and heaviest on the T & A. Also the quality of the women in this movie is insane , as every woman in this flick is breathtaking and stacked with some of the most phenomenal bodies on earth. Not only did they possess the boobs of dreams in a pleasant surprise the women also have some of the nicest backsides ever seen on screen, which was not found to often during those days.  With that and my fond memories of this film aside , let's get to the review. Does this film stand the test of time? Well lets find out.
                   The film opens with Jack arriving in California from Iowa to take over his uncles small car wash for the summer as Uncle Elmer is having serious allergy issues. Upon arrival, Jack stumbles onto a near by beach looking for directions to the shop. After getting no help he runs into a bunch of lovely young women , when the leader of the pack Melissa points him in the right direction. The ladies are broke and looking for a quick buck over the summer and she see's a opportunity in Jack's Car Wash. Shortly after Jack takes over the shop, Melissa and friends arrive and she flirts with Jack inviting him to hang out on the beach that night. during their first date, Melissa offers her help with the shop after finding Jack needs to up the business in order to pay his uncle's medical bills. She plans to work their with her friends if Jack will split the overhead with her and the girls.She seduces her way into the contract and the next day the ladies arrive and start sudsing up in their bikini's . This obviously boosts the business tremendously.

As business picks up the girls at the car wash find themselves a prime target for a neighborhood serial flasher before one of the girls causes a huge traffic accident while washing cars topless. This gets the attention of the city health inspector and district attorney who want the place shut down immediately. Melissa springs into action and calls on her friend Bobbie a big time defense attorney.while the two sides duke it out in a legal battle, the health inspector seems to fall for one of the girls working at the car wash and this only helps jack's cause. Business continues to do well as jack starts selling adult novelties and photos of the girls to the neighborhood men. Jack even hires a couple guys to appeal to the female clientele.

The law comes down hard yet again when the District Attorney shows up with The city Judge looking to shut down Jack's operation. Things get worse for jack when a vacuum accident leads to the Judge's wife losing her clothing , Lucky for them this works in their favor as it seems to spark the couples love life. Meanwhile One of the ladies happens to catch a glimpse of the District Attorney in the bathroom and notices a striking resemblance to the notorious flasher. After he is outed as the town pervert , The law goes in to put him in custody and after a long chase scene , The Attorney is trapped by some strippers that he had put out of work.They tie him up and torture him with a lap dance as it appears that nude women make him sick. After the strange torture techniques, The Attorney is put in custody. Meanwhile Uncle Elmer returns and is more than pleased with the boost in business.The inspectors and law then back off and all seems well for the car wash.
After it appears their is going to be a happy ending to this story, Melissa has a confession for jack and she admits she planned on getting over on him because she took him for an easy push over but, she had fallen for him. the two finally hook up. Back at the Car Wash the girls shoot a calender for the business and Elmer decides to give jack and the Girls a yearly summer gig and all is great for Uncle Elmer, jack and the gang.

The Bikini Car Wash Company is thee epitome of 90's cheese to the fullest. It is full of horrible dialogue , Cheesy humor and low brow humor complete with cartoon sound effects and Nudity at every turn. It is not a ground breaking film by any means and the story arch has been done to death especially around that time period as nearly every "Bikini" film had the same business in peril saved by naked ladies routine. With that said, It does the cliche better than most , if not all the others in the genre. On top of that the nudity in this film is awesome and the women are flawless. This film features some of the nicest looking women ever put on film and in my opinion, This film is as close to the classic Russ Meyer films as you can get , with the over the top flesh focus. Still years later I think back on this film fondly and after watching again for the first time in what seems like forever it still is allot of fun and definitely worth a watch if you are in the mood for some harmless cheesecake.All fans of the "Sex Romp" genre this is a must see, As it is one of , if not the most famous and successful cult flicks of it's kind.It's stupid,Corny, and nothing but padding , and still it is a ton of fun to watch. After all these years and after all the porn and nudie flicks this one still stands strong in my book.

Fun Factor:7
Overall: 6.5 out of 10

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