Saturday, April 21, 2012

Evil Bong 2 : King Bong

Evil Bong 2 : King Bong (2009)

Dir: Charles Band (Evil Bong/Prehysteria!/Demonic Toys v.s. Dollman)

IMDB Rating: 4.3 out of 10

Continuing with my theme of awful films this month it just so happens that every film I have tackled this month is part of a series. So since I already reviewed Evil Bong for 420 I figure I may as well finish the job and get to it's sequel. I hear that there is now a third installment to the series which does not surprise me since Full Moon is notorious for beating dead horses, However I do not have a copy of the third installment and I am not sure my devotion is strong enough for me to track down the final film for a review, I guess only time will tell. Well I have already summed up my opinions on Pot inspired "Art" and thers no need to go over it again so let's get straight to this flick.

After a quick run down of the events from the first film we meet back up with the three roomies Bret, Bachman and Larnell as they call upon Alistair for help. It seems that in the several months since the events of the first film each of the Bong's victims seem to be suffering from exaggerated side effects of Marijuana. Bret has gained an insane amount of weight and cannot seem to stop eating, Larnell has completely lost control of his sexual inhibitions and humps anything in sight, Bachman has since gotten a job but looses it due to suffering from Narcolepsy. Allistair tells the guys to seek medical attention but their paranoia keeps them from seeking professional help, So Allistair decides they must track down the origins of the Evil Bong in order to get some answers. After meeting up with the Delivery guy from the first film, Rabbit leads the gang to South America where the Bong first was discovered. Upon arriving in South America the gang bumps into a research scientist Velicity who has been working on a special blend of weed that has incredible healing abilities. She has plans to cure the world of disease and it turns out that no one but Larnell's grandfather is financing the research. Larnell also reveals that he still has pieces of the broken Evil Bong and when it gets near the weed it begins to come back to life.

While bringing the Bong pieces to Cyril , Velicity overhears his plans to sell the weed for profit on the black market. The two argue about morals when Cyril snatches the pieces of the old Bong. Apparently it once belonged to a local tribe called the Poontang's. Evil Bong or EeBee promises to help Cyril sell the pot f he just puts her back together. As he does so , The tribe of "Savages" arrives and attacks Cyril and steals the bong to return it to their village. In the process Rabbit is also taken captive while in negotiations with Cyril to oversee the deliveries.Back with the gang and Velicity they experiment with the pot and it cures the guys of all their ailments. Upon learning the news of the Poontangs and Rabbit the guys team up to rescue him and destroy the bong once and for all.

Once arriving at the village the gang must smoke from the dreaded King Bong in order to get inside of it's chambers and destroy it from the inside. EeBee provides the gang with some useful information noting that they must destroy the Bongs symbol in order to destroy it for good. While inside the bong the strippers from the first film have been replaced with the lovely tribes women and as expected they use their feminine charms to seduce the men and get their guards down. The plan appears to be working until Larnell enters the Bong and helps the gang to think straight. In the closing moments we witness Poor old Rabbit being turned into a joint which King prepares to smoke however, Larnell snatches some bling from the bong and smashes it freeing the gang from the clutches of the smoking device and returning all to normal.

After the events in South America, Larnell decides to stay behind with Velicity while the rest return to their place in the States. Then we see that Bachman has gotten his job back, Bret of course kept the weight off , Alistair returns to his studies and Rabbit having a life altering experience in being turned into a joint has turned to God and is now a Priest. How in the world they made a third installment to this series is beyond me because they stretched this story about as thin as possible with this entry. The entire film is just pointless honestly as it is just a faster paced less in depth re hash of the first film.

This entire film feels like a huge waste of time, Both from the film makers stand point and certainly the viewers. I cannot come up with one redeeming quality about this flick, well with the exception of the Poontang tribe being really hot, But if I wanna see a film solely for naked chicks I can watch a porn, I mean most of the women in this film playing the tribes women are in fact porn stars. I recognized one right away  in the performer August. Who is down right gorgeous but provides nothing to the overall film. Do not waste your time with this flick, matter of fact skip the entire series for that matter , because you will not even get a small chuckle out of it no matter how lit you are I promise. I cannot say that about the third installment as i have not seen it but, if the first two films are any inclination of what is too come then I have a feeling I am not missing anything.Except for the quality T&A this film offers nothing , No Gore, No Kills, No Laughs, Just  a way to waste an hour and a half, Personally I can think of a million other movies that can do that much more entertainingly.

Fun Factor:2
Overall: 2.5 out of 10


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