Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tucker And Dale V.S. Evil

Tucker and Dale V.S. Evil (2010)
Dir: Eli Craig
Starring: Tyler Labine (Zack and Miri make a Porno/Reaper)
Alan Tuclyk (Death at a Funeral/Dodgeball)

In the tradition of horror Comedies like Shaun Of the Dead comes this twist on the redneck camp killer genre.
The Story follows a group of college kids as they head to the woods for the usual sex and drug induced antics when they run across two local Rednecks Tucker and Dale who are on their way to the same woods to fix up a cabin they just purchased to fix up and make into their vacation home. Right away the college kids imagination and stereotyping gets the best of them and they immediately think these rednecks are backwoods madmen,  And this is not helped when the shy Dale tries to approach one of the girls to make friends and awkwardly comes off a bit creepy. Once the Kids make it to their camp grounds they decide to go for a skinny dip and one of the groups girls, Alison falls off a small cliff and almost drowns until Dale comes to the save. The group see's the hillbillies dragging their friend into their boat and assume the worse. The following morning the group decides to try and save their friend while one heads to town to alert the authorities.

Before the group makes it to the cabin, Alison wakes up in Dale and Tuckers Cabin thinking she had been kidnapped until she is filled in on the situation and she and Dale begin a friendship. Meanwhile the group arrives at the cabin and hear a chainsaw running in the distance, Tucker accidental saws into a beehive and runs to escape the swarm when the group sees him and run for the woods thinking he is after them. One kid runs into a tree branch spearing himself through the stomach. This leads the group to believe that their worst fears are coming to fruition, though it is a misunderstanding. Once again the group heads back to the cabin looking to save Alison and they see her helping Dale dig a ditch. believing that she is being forced to dig her own grave a couple of the guys from the group charge at the friendly hill folk and meet the demises as well in gruesome yet accidental fashion.

At this point the one friend returns with the sheriff to see Dale and Tucker trying to dispose of one of the bodies. Tucker tries to explain that the college kids have came to the woods for a suicide pact of some sort and that they have one of the group in their house unconscious. The sheriff goes into the cabin and is struck to death by a faulty beam in the cabin. The group believes that the rednecks killed him and one grabs the officers gun and tries to open fire but shoots himself in the head. Frightened Dale and Tucker run into their cabin while the groups douche-bag leader Chad decides to hold Dales dog at gun point to get their attention. Tucker saves the dog but gets strung up for his troubles. While Dale is at the cabin trying to explain what is happening to the awakened Alison Tucker is tied up and has his fingers cut off to send dale a message.

Dale feeling backed into a corner decides it is time for him to save his friend and put an end to this war. After rescuing Tucker, Alison's friends arrive at the cabin to Save her and she explains that the whole ordeal is a misunderstanding. Believing that she has Stockholm syndrome they try and take her away as the two Cabin mates return. At this point Alison tries to orchestrate a sit down between Chad and Dale in order to talk everything out. This provides us a bit of a back story for Chad claiming that his family was killed by psycho rednecks years prior and this is why he believes all rednecks are backwoods killers. As things begin to settle the remaining members of the group bust in to make the save and only make things worse as they stumble around and kill each other and eventually light the cabin on fire burning it to the ground. As Alison is saved from the flames by Tucker and Dale Chad rises from the ashes and goes after them. As the Heroes and Alison drive off they run into a tree nearly killing them all.

Dale awakes from the crash to find Tucker injured outside the truck and he is told that Alison has been Kidnapped by Chad. Chad now sets out to save her from the increasingly mad Chad. he finds him at a lumber yard where Chad plans on killing Alison for becoming a redneck. This leads us into the final battle between the two and after the dust settles police are on the scene and a news reporter shown at the beginning of the film is talking about the mass suicide/murder that has taken place. Tucker has survived and is visited in the hospital by Dale who had happily and predictably hooked up with the lovely Alison.

SO in the end this film is allot of fun and is a refreshing take on the horror comedy,the whole bit of all the kids killing themselves in freak accidents make for some gory yet funny bits and the couple of Dale and Tucker are played to perfection by the actors. The ending is a bit predictable and even the twist I have not mentioned here you can see from a mile away, But those things aside this movie was a fun watch. The copy I have unfortunately is obviously a very early screener as some of the special effects were not yet finished so I am sure the film plays out much better with the added gore sequences but from what I saw it is all well done. If you enjoy splat-stick humor this one is pretty good but it does not reach the levels of cult classics like Evil Dead 2 and Dead Alive but as far as films out there in todays time this one will  probably stand out as a Cult film in it's own right upon release and fit right in amongst the likes of Shaun of the Dead and The first Scary Movie. Definitely worth a watch and I am anxious to see what the final product looks like when it eventually gets it's release. I will be watching this one when that happens for sure.

Gore:7 ( From what I got to see this one is pretty good by todays standards)
Nudity:2 (Only one pair of boobs in the entire film and those are shown from a distance)
Story:7 (Pretty original take on the Horror Comedy and plays out really well)
Characters:7 (Dale and Tucker are played perfectly and the rest come off as douches , which is what they are supposed to be , so it works)
Overall: 7 out of 10 ( Truly a fun watch and I highly recommend it to fans of humor with their horror)

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