Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Black Gestapo

The Black Gestapo (1975)
Dir: Lee Frost (The Thing With Two Heads/The Boob Tube Strikes Back/Love Camp 7/Mondo Bizarro)
Starring: Rod Perry (Black Godfather) Charles Robinson (Sugar Hill/Night Court)
Uschi Digard (Ilsa She Wolf of the S.S./Ilsa Harem Keepers of the Oil Sheik/Super Vixens/Dirty Pool)
Here is another interesting take on the Blaxploitation genre as this one sort of scratches the surface of Nazi-Ploitation. The film starts with Gen.Ahmed as he forms a Peoples army to help the underprivileged black people of Watts, And to fight the forces of a local mobster Vito and his goons as they are stealing money for "Protection" from the local business owners. After the Peoples Army nurse is attacked by some of the mobs goons , Col.Kojah decides there needs to be some significant changes in the way Ahmed's army handles these types of situations. Kojah asks to be granted permission to build a security unit of 20 guys to be trained to protect themselves at any cost and the passive Ahmed only grants him enough money to train 6. As the Mob continues to run the streets and strike fear in the locals , Kojah trains his men and plans on building a stronger unit under Ahmed's nose without him knowing.

Once Kojah's small group is built they set out to get revenge on Vito's goons for assaulting their army and raping the nurse. They start their plot by breaking into one of Vito's goons Vince's house and they castrate him while he is bathing.Slowly Kojah starts to develop a stronger army while Ahmed stays in the background helping the needy and providing detox centers for drug addicts. As Kojah's troop grows they begin to protect the businesses from the mob and instead of giving money back to the shop owners they decide they wil take the protection cut instead.

Vito learns of this new army and decides to fight back and after a few run in's Vito decides to cut his losses and relocate until things blow over.Now Kojah has built his own Army and procured his own compound and they have taken over the drug trade and protection bracket without Gen.Ahmed knowing.Eventually The people of Watts begin to burn down the People's Army buildings believing Ahmed is behind all of the crime and is deceiving the people. At this point the nurse catches word and it is brought to Ahmed's attention that Kojah may be behind all of this mayhem.

Ahmed Follows some of Kojah's troops and makes his way to the new compound for a meeting with his former Colonel.Kojah threatens Ahmed to stay out of his way and that he is the new power in charge, which of course leads to a revenge plot after Ahmed is attacked by some of Kojah's soldiers. After regrouping and reloading Ahmed sneaks into the compound for the final showdown. Disguised as one of the new Armies soldiers he takes out a few soldiers while remaining stealth until he rigs a few traps which take out a majority of the remaining soldiers. Then the two heads face off in a fight that leads to a struggle in a swimming pool in which the hero Ahmed comes out on top. As he walks off in disgust of what has happened the credits roll.

The Black gestapo is a pretty tried and true story (Animal Farm) just re worked into a Blaxploitation/Nazi Film, Where the ones that were taken advantage of and mistreated repeat the behavior of their superiors once they themselves gain power. That being said this one is pretty well done. It is a bit odd at points especially one scene where Kojah's army are saluting and an audio clip of Nazi soldiers screaming "Seig Heil" drowns there own shout out. The film is decently paced and pretty action packed.The only thing I would have liked to see is a bit more resolution to the whole Mob sub plot as they kind of just left and never came back although they hinted at returning for revenge and then never did. As far as Blaxploitation films are concerned you could do much worse although this one is quite a bit different than the average film of it's genre. I have to say that any film that has Uschi Digard in it I am going to be a bit partial to as she is one of the most beautiful creatures ever to grace this earth in my opinion and it is funny to see her in another Quasi-Nazi themed film after being in two of the Ilsa films prior to this flick. Overall pretty fun flick and worth a watch for some laughs if you have a darker sense of humor.
Ass-Kickin: 7 (Lot's of action in this one and some pretty graphic stuff in the opening)
Jive:6 ( Some nice bits of dialog in this one, And a few classic lines thrown about)
Funk:4 ( Not too much to check out for here,one or two decent tracks)
Playa's and Whitey's:5 ( The mob members were all good but the two leads were hit and miss)
Ass and Tittay's:7 ( Nothing to spectacular except the greatness of Uschi Digard. If she had more screen time this would have been a winner)
Overall on the Funk-O-Tron: 6 out of 10

One more shot of Uschi for good measure


  1. Buying this based on your review, great write up, look forward to reading more

  2. Glad you liked it, Thanks for the support. Enjoy the film it is a interesting one for sure.