Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blaxploitation History Month Special rating System

I have come to the conclusion that due to the vast spectrum of different types of films in the genre I will be reviewing through February I am going to incorporate a new rating system especially for these films. So this is how things will be graded.
Jive = Dialog / Story ( Due to the fact allot of these films are heavy on dialog I will focus on that in this category)
Ass-Kicking = (Fighting scenes and violence, Replacing my Gore rating )
Funk =Music ( Soundtrack, Because a majority of these films have some of the most awesome soundtracks in history, I've decided to add a special section to rate them here)
Ass and Tittays = Nudity ( Nuff' Said)
Playa's and Whitey = Characters
 I will average these ratings out much like my regular reviews and come to an overall score on the Funk-O- Tron to establish a final rating of the flick in question.
                                                                          Editor: Nathaniel (Dick Swift) Guest

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