Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blaxploitation history month

Well folks February is here and in honor of Black History Month I will be devoting my site to Soul cinema.
Growing up I was always into the lesser popular cinema , Seeking out any strange horror film I could find just to have something completely fresh to talk about amongst friends. My love of Exploitation and horror films obviously started from renting Horror films and watching Kung-Fu Theatre every Friday night on a local Television channel. While most kids my age were content watching Terminator and Star Wars I was hunting down Neon Maniacs and H.G. Lewis Films, But one day a friend of mine gave me a movie that was nothing like anything I had ever seen before. That Film was..... Disco Godfather Starring The late Great Rudy Ray Moore. After borrowing the film more than a dozen times I was hooked, Being that most of my childhood friends were black , They were more than happy to share this little sub genre of film with me and from then on I sought out to find and watch as much of this newly found Blaxploitation I could get my hands on. Of course I started out with the classics that my friends parents had in their homes like the Shaft Series, Super Fly, Dolemite and the films of the Beautiful Pam Grier, But I was not content . So I began hunting and soon I had more knowledge on the film genre than most of my friends and their parents. So Now several years later I am taking this month to say thank you to my old friends and their families for introducing me to this genre I hold so dear, because if it were not for that old cover less  copy of Disco Godfather I may not have ever found out about the other sub genres of exploitation films and odd cinema that are out there. Thank you and I dedicate this moth and these reviews to all of you. Also, oddly enough I still have that borrowed copy of that film after all these years. So I present to you Dick ( Honorary Black man) Swift's National Blaxploitation History Month.
P.S. I only say "Honorary Black Man" Because as I said I grew up with a majority of Black friends who I am still friends with nearly 20 years later and I have been coined a black person in white disguise on more than one occasion, But yes I know in actuality I am white and trust me I never try and be anything I am not, I am always just simply me....Take that for whatever that is.

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