Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sukeban Boy

Sukeban Boy (2006)
Dir:Naboru Iguchi (Machine Girl/Robo Geisha/Mutant Girls Squad)
Starring: Asami (Japanese Pron Actress/Machine Girl)

After hearing that the director of Mahine Girl was behind this film I anxiously hunted it down with high expectations, After finding out the strange story it told my expectations were heightened even more so, Well I guess I need to learn not to let my hopes get up over these type of things because this one although truly odd it is a real stinker.
    The story follows Sukeban a feminine looking boy who is sent to an all girl school as a girl due to him getting into too many fights elsewhere. At first young Sukeban is understandably opposed to the idea but after his first day he learns that he will get to see plenty of female flesh along the ride, so he decides to play the role. Immediately Sukeban is targeted by some bullies and he meets a new friend in a loner girl Mochiho. After a trip to the schools Humiliation club, A club where girls practice the "art" of being victimized , The group is outed as a gang that plans to take over the school when Sukeban will not strip nor stand by and watch Michiho be teased. A fight ensues between Sukeban and the gang leader Kanko , which ends in Sukeban farting in her face as a finishing maneuver.

The following day Sukeban becomes popular with the girls and Kanko is now apparently in love with her. After leaving Mochiho behind for the popular group she begins to feel slighted by Sukeban. While hannging out with Kanko and friends , Kanko admits her love for Sukeban to her Older sister who does not trust Sukeban's intentions. After Sukeban attempts to make friends with Mochiho again to no avail.Shortly after Kanko recieves a note supposedly written by Sukeban to meet her in a class after school, This turns out to be a trap set up by the leader of the Naked Gang and Kanko is stripped and then has her legs cut off. As if the film were not odd enough this is were things really start to get out of control.

Now with word out about a gang war beginning to take place at the school, Sukeban's father brings along some men in school girl outfits to help her in the war. Just at this point Kanko's older sister and leader of the No Bra League arrive with Kanko in a wheel chair. The older sister has the power to spit bullets and she opens fire on the group. Mochiho returns to make the save and fights her off with a ping pong paddle. While this fight is going on, Sukeban's father confesses his more than fatherly love for his girlish son and attempts to force Sukeban to suck his nipples...More confusion occurs when yet another gang, this time three bald girls attack the nipples of the fathers gang and Kanko returns now to have a Machine gun tits versus Machine gun legs shoot out after her older sister sprouts guns from her breasts.During all the confusion Mochiho gives Sukeban a shot of Hormones exclaiming she knew Sukeban was a boy and she can only love a woman, and then she reveals herself to be the leader of the naked Gang from earlier.

Now with seemingly everyone dead, Sukeban and Mochiho face off in a naked battle just as Sukeban's father gives his the too a mysterious shot. As the two fight Mochiho realizes that she indeed is in love with Sukeban after all and they clutch each other in a hug. After we come to realize that the shot the father gave them was testosterone and now the two have both become Transsexuals and now are in love and living happily with their super sized penises due to the strength of the shot. Oh yeah and the final fight again finishes when Sukeban Farts in Mochiho's face, Just for good measure.

Ok, So now with that out of the way I must say two things before giving my final thoughts. One in all honesty I find M to F transsexuals extremely interesting and some are downright beautiful and I am open enough about myself to admit that I indeed do find many sexually attractive in light of it's taboo's. Second I am a huge fan of the over the top antics of Japanese Horror and the J-Gore like Machine Girl, Tokyo Gore police and the like's. So with that said I was really looking forward to seeing how this one came out being that it tackles a subject I found interesting, being the Boy who lives as a girl and goes to an all girl school and Knowing this was made by the creators of a classic in my eyes such as Machine Girl. This one though really let me down. Perhaps it was the fact that it was only an hour long and it seemed that the film makers tried to cram way too much  into the film. I think that if the film was lengthened to a full length and maybe they dropped a few unnecessary characters this film  had the potential to be awesome cheesy fun. It is just the way they made it as is just does not work on so many levels. A majority of the characters just came out of nowhere and allot of it was not needed. The fights are awful the effects show where the director was going and did with his more later films like Machine Girl and Mutant girls Squad but, This one was just the epitome of a clusterfuck.Which is truly too bad because I could have seen this one being a classic if it weren't so thrown together. I mean the main plot is truly original and tackles a topic that allot of film makers are afraid to touch, that Being the Transsexual being viewed as a third gender instead of just freaks.
Gore:6 ( not as over the top as some of the more recent J-Gorror films but enough to make a fan of bad effects happy)
Nudity:9 ( Almost every shot in the film has someone naked in it I give it a 9 because of the quality of girls featured)
Story:7 ( an original idea that is hurt by the cluster of to much going on at all times)
Characters:5 ( Too many to allow any to get any real development. This could have been allot better)
Overall: 6 out of 10 ( This one had allot of potential that was wasted on lame jokes and overwhelming non needed characters and plot devices)

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