Monday, March 12, 2012

Spoiler Warning

Just to let all readers and potential readers of this site, I am constantly working on ways to better review films and it was recently brought to my attention that I tend to spoil the films I review. I completely understand this and I know I tend to do so. Mainly what i am trying to provide here is a place for folks of oddball cinema to come and potentially find films that they have not seen or have wondered about and give a feeling of what the film is about. I typically will watch the film once or twice and write a brief opening , then provide a in detail run down of the film before giving my final assessment and whether or not I think people would enjoy the film as a whole. I really am planning on getting a video camera in the near future so I could provide more humor to the reviews and  that way perhaps give less up about the film. So with all this said i do apologize to those who I have spoiled  a film for and I am going to work on new and more creative ways to describe the films in question and convey what I feel about said films. Thank you all for checking out my site , it does mean the wordld to me . Especially right now when things are going so grim for me in my personal life this is my "happy" place as I enjoy sharing these hidden gems of sorts with all of you. I am always looking for suggestions on how to improve the site and ideas on what I should do to provide better reviews.
                                                                            Thank you all for the support, I will try and do better,
                                                                                                                     Nathaniel (Dick Swift) Guest

Here is a special treat for my fans of vintage T&A with a nice photo of Sandy Johnson, Whom I will be paying tribute to on here very soon.....Until then Enjoy.

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