Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sandy Johnson: A lesser known beauty of the exploitation Screen

Born July 7th 1954 in San Antonio,Texas. This lovely little Texan was picked up by Playboy magazine and became Miss June 1974, Shortly after being spotted in the pages of the famous mag she entered the world of the Silver screen. Although a brief career for unknown reasons , her beauty transcends time as she certainly made a lasting impression on mine and many men's lives with her youthful face and curvaceous body that she did not shy away from displaying if called upon to do so. Her first appearance was in a low budget T&A flick "Surfer Girls" followed by a personal favorite of mine getting a bit role in "Jokes My Folks Never Told Me".

Although she was only hired for small roles , in 1978 she caught the eye of Horror icon John Carpenter and scored her biggest "Bit" role as Judith Myers , The sister of infamous Michael in the original "Halloween". Her part was short as she was the first victim of the series but , The character she played plays heavily into the Michael Myers mythology. After her Big Screen debut she made two more films which were standard Drive-In skin flicks of sorts getting a role in "H.O.T.S." and what could be considered her biggest role (As far as screen time and dialogue) in "Gas Pump Girls" which proved to be a trail blazer for the sub genre of Business in peril saved by women in little to no clothing films made infamous years later in the 80's and 90's with films like "Bikini Carwash Company" among many others. Despite the fact that Sandy's career was brief she did have a certain presence to her appearances as she pulled off the innocent girl next door look better than most women out there thanks to her adorable face , but when she disrobed and revealed her gorgeous body all the thoughts of innocence in the men who watched her films went out the window. Miss Johnson no doubt  is hands down one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the pages of Playboy during the 70's and in my book of all time. A completely natural beauty with awesome breasts and she also possessed something that not many women of the day had and that was a phenomenal ass. If you like what you see here please check out her works, Especially "Jokes my Folk's Never Told Me" which is a personal favorite of mine in the sketch comedy film genre. I leave you know with a few more pictures of this somewhat mysterious beauty. Enjoy as I know looking at her certainly can brighten up my day,especially on one as rainy as today.


  1. i wonder what she looks like today. some of the girls haven't held up that well. of course Hef looks like Poopdeck Pappy and is creepy.

    1. I actually don't know what she's looking like nowadays, If my memory serves me correctly I recall her looking pretty decent for her age. Looking like someone's pretty grandma, If that makes sense? Like you can tell she was once hot type of thing. I imagine her breastst are past her knees at this point though because they were some hangers even back then. But man did they look nice!

  2. It would be great to get dna samples of some of these top playmates and clone yourself one to do at night ^^