Monday, January 16, 2012

Here's to a Triumphant 2012

Once again I must apologize for my lack of activity on this site , As it has been nearly three months with no activity.I have been dealing with many personal issues that have taken my attention away from the films I love so dearly. I would like to thank all the readers for supporting me and continuing to support my humble little site. As of Tomorrow 1/16/2012 I will be returning to my reviews. I have two already pretty much done but It has been awhile since I watched the films ,So before those I will be returning tomorrow with my first return back with "Squeeze Play!" . Followed shortly by "Flying Guillotine" and Troma's "When Nature Calls". After I get those 3 up I will be back to full swing and I have several films I plan on doing in the coming weeks. Again I am truly sorry to let you guys out there down and I plan to continue to provide a place for folks to learn and relive some of cinema's forgotten or lesser known gem's of sorts. I hope to make my lack of attention up to you out there who do check this place out and I plan on trying to make it up to all of you. If anyone has requests for films, Please feel free to leave them in the comments under this post. Thanks.
                                                            Sincerely I love you all and Thanks,
                                                                                                 Nathaniel "Dick Swift" Guest

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