Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Squeeze Play

Squeeze Play (1979)

Dir: Lloyd Kaufman

Ah, It's good to be back. After my short off season I finally return to The House of Waffles and Bad Cinema with one of my favorite genres of film, The 80's Sex-Romp and to top that it's made by the folks at Troma!
Lloyd Kaufman More so than not is known for the classic Toxic Avenger and his over the top splatstick flicks like Class of Nuke em' High and Sgt.Kabukiman NYPD But before he found his true niche he was a provider  of spank material for the young kids out there who had the luxury of cable and channels like Cinemax. Kaufman was not the most original of directors at the time , making several Meatball's/Porky's rip off's like this fun little romp about Softball.
                   Squeeze Play centers around a local mattress companies male Softball team and the troubles the teams men face in their relationships due to focusing to much on the Beer League past time. We get Tit's right at the gate as we see Team captain Wes getting interrupted having sex with his fiance Samantha by a honk from his team mates alerting him it's game time. Followed by scenes of several of the other players leaving their ladies back at home to have fun with the boys. It's the Softball World Series as The "Heroes" the Beavers are facing their rivals the Animals and take home the win. As the season wraps up Sammy demands that Wes give up on the game and focus more on their family life as they will be wed soon, But she is pissed off when she finds that he is trying to hide the fact he has signed up for another season, This causes some serious troubles between the couple as she feels Wes needs to grow up. Meanwhile across town we meet Mary Lou , A young woman who just moved to town from Georgia who is apparently running from her father as a Private detective shows up at her job looking for her. Mary's creep of a manager denies he knows her and then tries to get paid to keep his mouth shut with some sexual favors. Mary obviously does not take to the idea and she quits. Mary manages to hitch a ride with a few ladies who happen to be the Beavers girlfriends and she is taken to a bar where the team is celebrating their big victory. At one point Mary and Sammy have a chance meeting in the ladies room, where Sammy notices Mary has one hell of a pitching arm when she throws her purse through a wall damn near.This gives Sammy and idea, She plans to get Mary a try out for the team in order to make the guys see that Softball is not just a man's sport in hopes that perhaps the ladies could get in on the fun as well at the same time taking away the one thing the guys love so much.

Samantha manages to seduce Wes into giving the new woman in town a try out. After Mary Lou gets a job at the mattress company where she meets her love interest in Buddy one of the team players. Shortly after being hired she  is in fact given a tryout and the guys can see she means business, however they act like dogs and make the experience awful for her. After seeing what asses the guys can truly be , Sammy dumps Wes and leaves him in a rather vulnerable position. Upset the women decide that they will start their own team in order to beat the Beavers and get some revenge for being treated as second class citizens and sexual playthings.
The warehouses janitor was a former Softball legend and he decides to take the girls under his wing as coach.
Then we of course get the wacky training montage of the girls in short short's and skimpy softball outfits running and jiggling about along with the standard silliness in tact.

The Guys learn about the ladies team and plan on beating them out of the game. The women take the mind games to another level by partying at the local bar and taking place in a wet t-shirt contest, which gets the attention of the guys fast. Sammy then begins flirting Wes' rival Bozo to make him jealous. This ends p being a bad idea as Bozo gets a bit too hands on as Wes leaves and Sammy fights back. Later at Wes' place he hears noises coming from Sammy's Apartment and believes it is her cheating on him when in fact it was Buddy and Mary Lou hooking up. Mary and Buddy get married before the night of the big game between the Beavers and the Beaverettes.

The day of the big game is upon us and it is a tight game with both sides being tied for most of the game. The Girls use their feminine charms to distract many of the guys and some of the couples begin going easy on each other creating tension amongst the team mates. In the games closing moments Wes finds that Sammy was in fact not cheating on him and they reconnect just as Wes scores the winning run. After all the goofy slapstick of the game we have our happy ending with all the guys and gals hooking up and the film is over.

As far as 80's Sex romps go this one is pretty par for the course. This film does have some genuine laughs throughout and actually has some cute moments as well. Honestly the entire film though I was anxiously awaiting the small character of Jamie , the innocent ditsy blonde to get topless and when it does happen I was juiced because she was adorable and stacked as well. All the characters are pretty standard and allot of the humor is sophomoric but what would one expect from a film like this? If you enjoy sex romps as much as I do then this one is definitely worth checking out although it has become sort of hard to find these days, However it does play frequently on Troma's On Demand channel which I was happy to see. There is allot of flesh on display  in this one and for the most part it is all pleasing to the eyes. Pretty standard silly stuff here but you could do allot worse. Thanks for checking out my page and I am glad to be back.  will be posting another review up tonight most likely and I will be diving back into horror very soon, So please bare with me , Sometimes I just need something light to get me back in the mood.

Fun Factor: 6
Overall: 6 out of 10

Man She was too much.....


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