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Blood Games

Blood Games (1990)

Dir:Tanya Rosenburg

IMDB Rating: 4.4 out of 10

I cannot stress how much I miss the VHS Boom of the 80's and early 90's. It was a simpler time when I as a child could go around the corner and stumble upon endless straight to video trashy gem's much like this little flick here. Blood games is a cash in on the action/revenge film that was pretty popular during those times. It seemed as if every film released in the local shops those days were one of three genres, Horror, Sex-Romp Comedies and the ultra cheesy  Vigilante  action film. This one is of the latter variety. I don't tackle too many action films on this site and quite honestly I grabbed this film thinking it was gonna be a lesser known slasher, Although it was not I was kinda pleased with this find after all. Don't get me wrong , this film is by no means good but, It did seem to fly by and was pretty entertaining at times. Now on with the film in question.
                  The film starts with a local beer league softball game between the all girl team of "Babe and the Ballgirl's" versus a team of redneck men who are as sleazy as can be.As the game progresses we learn that the two coaches/owners of the teams have a bet riding on the game and as the girl's are starting to get a significant lead over the good ol' boys, things start getting hairy as the men begin to play rough and take their physicality to new levels. Even going as far as to assault some of the girls and throwing their weight around. The girls are game for the rough play and take home the win.After the game the men's team captain Roy's Father and team manager Mino Collin's is told to pay up. Before Babe's father collects we get the requisite shower scene which is a treat for the young pervert in me (That Sounded wrong) Also certainly one of the films highlights for sure. After the girls shower up and head to their bus to get on the road , The girl's coach Babe's Father goes to collect and notices his payoff is a little light. He then corner Mino in a pub bathroom and a fight ensues.The money is collected but meanwhile Roy and his buddy Ronnie decide to go out to look for some action, When they run into two of the girl's from the team including Babe's sister and Roy gets a bit aggressive. The girls coach catches Roy in the act of attempting to rape his daughter and yet another brawl breaks out which leads to the girl's coach getting stabbed.

The Ladies rush to their bus and Roy and his friend decide they are not gonna let the girl's leave so easy, After opening fire on the bus , Roy gets crushed by the moving vehicle when he shoots the driver in the head. As the girls scramble to get on the road , Mino finds his son dead and swears vengeance for his son's death. He rounds up the local rednecks and promises 1,000 dollars a head for the women responsible for his son's passing. The guys spread out and cover the entire town with traps in order to get the ladies.After getting assaulted at a near by  filling station , Ronnie and Vern (George "Buck" Flowers) give chase until they fli their truck in the chase. A little further down the road the goons set up a roadblock sending the ladies on a detour which leads to a dead end. Upon arrival at the end of the road the girl's decide to flee on foot through the woods in order to get to the nearest town for help.From this point on the film is pretty much just Cat and mouse as the women flee from the rednecks giving chase. Mino manages to take out one of the girl's with a cross bow and the guys are hot on the ladies trail until three if Babe's friends decide to stop running and to fight back. This leads to some smart luring which gets Vern killed for falling for the ladies good looks.

The remaining ladies use their smarts and stealthiness to attack the goons and begin picking them off one by one. Finally they take out Mino and are left with just Roy's best friend to deal with. He manages to get himself a shield in Babe's sister but Babe uses her pitching skills to knock him out with a rock before they unload some lead into him. The women then stumble into an abandoned area filled with shacks where they believe they are safe. Just when Mino shows back up and this starts yet another fire fight between Mino and the Ladies. The chase finally comes to an end when Babe leads Mr.Collins to the top of a mill tower where she kicks him down to his death. The girls embrace and reminisce about their fallen teammates before walking off into the sunset.

I wish I could go into greater detail on this film but their really is not much to it. Pretty cut and dry, Chase through the woods until the next action sequence stuff here. Not much else to it but that. It is not trying to be anything more than a pointless time burner and that is what it is, I will give it credit for not dragging at any point as the film seemed to just zip by at a rapid pace.This is about as senseless of an action film as you can find and if you ever enjoyed the straight to video action flicks of the late 80's early 90's then this one is decent but it is certainly no Savage Streets or Ms.45. Each character in this film is pretty standard for the course and we don't get much back story on any of them including the main cast members. It's just Boobs, Guns, Rape attempt, redneck, Boobs, And then more guns. If that sounds like your cup of tea then check it out otherwise you are not missing anything by skipping on this one. It does serve purpose as a harmless time waster though. As I stated before though if you are looking for a scorned woman gets revenge flick I would recommend Savage Streets or Ms.45 for sure or even the much darker Thriller:They Call her one eye. An interesting note however about the films main star Laura Albert who played Babe in the film, She went on to have a rather successful and long career as a stunt woman. Doing stunts for some big films such as Mission Impossible 3, xxx, Stone Cold and a long list of others and it appears she is still doing stunts on films to this day. So at least someone other then George "Buck" Flowers had a career outside this film, since it appears most involved in this project did nothing afterwards whatsoever.

Fun Factor: 5
Overall: 5 out of 10

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