Friday, December 2, 2011

apologies and some good news......

Well I have to apologize for my failure of a tribute to Kung Fu theater last month. I had some financial wowes and my internet was shut down for a bit, not too mention I have not had much free time as of late. With that said I promise to have more stuff up and get back to the reviews full swing asap. I did however notice a boost in followers over the last month and for that I could not be Happier. Thanks to all who have subscribed and I hope to please each of you with my reviews. The traffic to the site has been on a constant upswing and I am excited to see that as I have reached over 30,000 views since starting the blog less than a year ago.I have a Flying guillotine review I will be posting soon as well as a women of cinema tribute I will be finishing up soon, But I have some films I have been really wanting to watch and get on here so I will be focusing on those first. Thank you all for understanding and I will bring the goods as well and often as I can now that things are starting to calm down around here.

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