Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ticked Off Trannies With Knives

Ticked Off Trannies With Knives (2010)

So after watching such a dark movie with A Serbian Film I needed something a little lighter and tonight on my trip to the local Video store I stumbled across this little flick and I had to pick it up based on the title alone, And I am truly glad I did. In the tradition of old school rape/ revenge flicks and the more recent re emergence of all things Grindhouse comes This fresh take on the genre. Ticked-Off trannies is the story of a group of Transsexual nightclub performers who seek revenge on some scumbags that raped on of their clan. The film is shot in the faux old film stock style much like Tarantino's Gindhouse and is set up in "Chapters similar to Tarantino's Kill Bill. The first chapter is basically an introduction to the girls in the group and gives you a bit of insight on what each girl brings to the party. The group consists of Tipper Somore The busty blonde nightclub veteran, Emma Grashun A latin spitfire with men on the brain at all times, Rachel Slurr the ditzy yet street savy comedic relief, Bubbles Cliqout  The beautiful new comer and  main charater of the story and Pinky La' Trimm The Big Black Bad Mama and head of the pack for the girls. One night Bubbles arrives to work with a shiner and refuses to explain how she got it when Pinky and the girls try to offer some help and advice about abussive relationships. After a shift dancing Emma invites the girls to go out for drinks at a local club and while there Emma runs into her man Nacho and his friend Chuy which she tries to fix Rachel up with. Later the guys ask the girls to go back with them to their place but they have another friend there and they talk Emma into bringing Bubbles along. When they arrive at their destination it is a abandoned warehouse and Bubbles is understandably hesitant to go in but after so whining and pleading she finally gives in and while inside a Man wielding a bat, apparently this is Boner the man who gave Bubbles her Black eye after he drugged her in attempt to rape her and once he found she was a man he beat her, since he could not deal with the embarassment he decides to take these girls out by beating them to death with the bat. This leads to a pretty disturbing scene in which the girls are all viciously attacked and what is sad about this the most is that things like this happen to transgendered people quite often when straight males cannot get over the attraction to something they are not used to, or are not comfortable with themselves or their sexuality.Pinky and Tipper come to the save but eventually get the bat as well.the next chapter starts and we see Bubbles awaking from a coma and Pinky and Rachel come to retrieve her from the hospital where Nurse Connie Lingus and Dr. Phil Lattio give the girls an update on Bubbles condition.Sadly Emma and Tipper could not make this reunion as they were killed in the attack, So from this point on the girls train and plot their revenge on Boner and gang. the rest of this movie is much lighter and comedic with plenty of one liners slapstick and stereotypes of the grindhouse genre, Until the closing moments where the revenge plot unfolds with vicious knife fights and some truly inovative revenge techniques implemented by the girls involving the guys fear of anal intrusion. I have seen quite a few Trangender movies and this one is not as goofy as most like Drag Queens on dope and Starbooty but it is fun in it's own way and honestly I think this one would have done well in theatres if it were not for the fact it was centered around transsexuals , because as a film it is a nice nod to the genre of the past and the acting is really not bad. The girl Playing Bubbles is decent and she is really easy on the eyes and with her voice being as passable as it is she could honestly get some roles as a genetic female without anyone batting an eye. The lady who plays Rachel is my personal highlight of the film as I think she has great comedic timing and she is really good for her one liners and facial expressions and mannerisms, Also The Pinky La' Trimm character would be a much better choice for big  Momma's house than Martin Lawrence ever could be and she plays up the role of Blaxploitation queen bee quite well. I thoroughly enjoyed this film but then again I am extremely open minded when it comes to the roles of Transsexuals in our world and I hate to see funny entertaining movies like this getting pigeon holed to just GLBT movie goers because after all is said and done it is a fun watch regardless to if you are straight , Gay or whatever shade you choose, But I know that most straight males in particular will never give a movie like this the time of day just because of it's casting and the subject at hand which is Gender and what lines of sexuality are out there other than the outright Black and white . So if you are comfortable with yourself and can get passed the premise or you are in fact into the "scene" or just find drag funny you will enjoy this film , as it has it's moments of seriousness but never gets preachy or takes itself too seriously... Just know that you may find some of the girls in this film attractive and there is nothing wrong with that because in all honesty some of them make damn fine women.
3.5 out of 5

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