Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Abomination

The Abomination (1986)

A few years back I went on a bit of a hunt for old Horror VHS tapes Pillaging all the old local video stores I could find grabbing up whatever I could get my hands on , Just to build a collection of harder too find stuff not yet released on DVD. I found quite a few gems on my journeys but I never really realized how Rare a few of them were. So since I purchased them for the most part these tapes just sat on shelves in my room just for show until I had a few of the more rare ones transferred to DVD. So tonight I decided to check out the most rare one of all of them The Abomination. After a bit of online hunting I was only able to find one copy of this film available and that was on E-Bay for 20 bucks.I found damn near no information on this one so it peaked my curiosity and I finally decided to check it out and quite honestly I am puzzled as to why this one was never given the DVD treatment while so many other odd and worse films have resurfaced through the last few years. The  Abomination Starts off with a Nightmare sequence kind of spoiling all the stuff to come in the movie while a man narrarates his reoccurring dream to a psychiatrist I assume. Then the actual film opens with a Mother and son who live together and the mother is obsessed with a local television evangelist named Brother Fogg, The women is convinced that she has a tumor in her chest although she has been given a clean bill of health from her doctor and her son blames the preacher and his mothers gullableness on this. One night while her son Cody is out with friends the woman coughs up a large bloody chunk of meat she believes is the tumor and deems it a miracle. That night while her son sleeps the "tumor" comes alive and crawls into her son and the next day he begins coughing up blood and feeling ill.The son contacts the town doctor against his mothers wishes to see what is wrong with him while his mother believes faith in the pastor will help him . After a doctor visit he is suggested bed rest and he then coughs up this "tumor" like thing and for some reason hides it under his bed. One day Ike , Cody's friend comes to visit and he does not respond or want to be seen so he climbs out of his window and heads to Ike's girlfriends house seemingly possessed by this creature. He kills the woman slitting her throat and brings her body home to feed this thing which we find is The Abomination. From this point Cody becomes stranger and stranger by the day and the beast seems to be taking complete control of Cody forcing him to do it's bidding , killing and finding flesh to feed the monster. As the monster eats it gets larger and larger and the killings get more gruesome as the film goes on. The effects in this film are pretty bad but they certainly cover that up with emmence amounts of blood splatter and the only thing worse than the gore effects in this film is the acting which has to be some of the worst ever filmed. But this movie definitely falls into the so bad it's good category as you cant help but love this movie because it tries so hard.After Cody takes out pretty much every person seen in the film including his mother, his best friend, the T.V. Evangelist, His asshole boss at the mechanics shop and even a unknown girl at a cemetery, we get the closing scene when Cody is home preparing a feast for the beast and Cody's girlfriend shows up to find his house completely covered in blood and scattered remains of his victims and provides one of the funniest moments in the film with her horribly lame reaction to this discovery . The two struggle and Cody is taken out with a pitchfork before the beast grabs his girl and eats her , After this it leaves the viewer wondering how Cody had nararrated this whole ordeal if he in fact got killed , well apparently the whole thing was in fact a dream and he is being charged with the massacre of seven people and being put on trial but we learn this through audio over the closing credits and black screen. This whole movie is just one huge splatter fest and has got to be on par with Dead alive in the visceral carnage department as every set piece in this film is literally drenched in plasma although not too convincingly but it is a fun watch if you are into gore films. This one is never short on the gore but it doesn't leave the viewer uncomfortable since the movie is so silly no one could actually take it serious at all. The acting is awful the Monster or " Abomination" is a bad knock off of the creature from Evil Spawn, Or maybe that creature is a better upgraded version of this one , as I am not sure which film came out first but there is a strong resemblance between the two. After thinking about it , This movie is kind of like a more fucked up version of little shop of horrors with Texan accents and dumbed down dialog. after viewing this I think I will check out the other extremely rare ones in my collection just to see if I have been missing out because I really had fun with this one, As it truly epitomizes the term So Bad I'ts Good.
If you can find this one , I would suggest a watch but the only copy I found again was 20 bucks for a used VHS and unless you are a serious collector of rare horror of the 80's it is not worth that much but if you can luck out and find it for a dollar like I did definitely pick this one up because it certainly is worth it just for the laughs to be had with this one.
3 out of 5

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