Monday, November 8, 2010

2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams

2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams (2010)

A few years back (2005) 2001 Maniacs the sequel to H.G. Lewis' 2000 maniacs was released 41 years after the original film. The film surprisingly did somewhat well and garnered a nice small group of fans and also brought Lewis' back into popularity and introduced newer fans to his efforts. The 2005 sequel 2001 Maniacs pretty much followed the same formula as the original 41 years prior, Following a group of "undead" Confederates as they lure 'yankees" to there jamboree in order to kill and eat them as a celebration.Now five more years pass and the cannibal Confederates are back but this time they take they're show on the road. The film opens with a small town sheriff telling Col. Buckman (Bill Moseley) and his group that they can no longer continue the annual feast because the Feds are looking into all the missing peoples cases in that area and the officer can no longer cover up for the disappearances. This leads Buckman and tribe to kill the disloyal officer in a scene that pays homage to Lewis' original film, when they put the officer in a barrel and hammer nails into it before rolling him down a ramp killing him on the way down. The group of southern Psychos gather up in a bus and decide to take the south to the north since they cant stay settled in Georgia anymore. Now we meet Rome and Tina Sheraton two celebutaune sisters crafted after Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie as they are on a road trip of their own while filming a reality show along with their Boyfriends douche bag one and two and the crew of the show.The girls r.V. breaks down and they now run into the maniacs who invite the group to their new traveling Jamboree. From this point on if you have sen the 2005 sequel you should know what to expect. lots of gratuitous nudity, low brow humor and the "Heroes" being seduced by the southern charm of our villains and then killed in various imaginative and extremely gory fashion. One girl is sawn in half from crotch up on a rotating saw table and guy has his head blown off by a dynamite cigar and one guy is snapped in half by a mans bare hands setting up a Broke back Mountain joke sine the victim was secretly homosexual. Allot of the jokes in this film were awfully dated which leads me to believe that this movie was written shortly after the first sequel and it just took awhile for the people behind this film to get finances to put this film out. Really there is not much to talk about in this one as it is pretty standard stuff and basically just a re-run of the first sequel except for replacing Robert Englund with Bill Moseley and you have the same film scene for scene with a few exceptions. I had heard allot of positive praise for this flick before seeing it and it came from allot of folk who disliked the first sequel installment and honestly I don't see how you could like this one and not the predecessor , As I enjoyed the first 2001 maniacs better after all is said and done. The'r is once again a lead for yet another sequel and hopefully if that does come to happen the writers try a bit harder to be more entertaining , because the gore in this one was just not enough on it's own to keep me interested in this one. I turned this film off three times prior to this viewing due to boredom until I finally just said fuck it and hoped for the nest, I was sadly let down. If you loved the first one you will like this one but if you are like me and just kinda enjoyed the first then there is really no reason to see this one at all...
2.5 out of 5

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