Friday, November 12, 2010

A Serbian Film

A Serbian Film (2010)
Dir: Srdjan Spasojevic

Well, I have seen some disturbing films in the past, Some of which I have reviewed here and I have to say that although this film is pretty good it really pushes the boundaries and some parts of this movie are shocking and downright sickening. Now I had heard that this one had some extremely questionable subject matter  and I knew going in that some scenes were shocking but I had no idea how far the director of this film was willing to take it. The term Torture Porn is often used when referring to films like Hostel and Saw and the like but let me tell you if any movie deserves to be coined by that phrase it would be this piece of cinematic perversion.
The premise is basic enough we follow Milos a retired porn star trying to make a living for his new family off the savings from his past career, Well money starts to run low and Milos is approached by a former co-star/ friend who informs him about a new director who really wants to enlist milos for his services. The friend tells Milos of Vukmir who is filming some new kind of adult film in Serbia , She insists that it is more of an art project then what films he is used to shooting. Milos agrees to meet with Vukmir who is extremely vague in detailing his projects but he make a handsome offer and Milos returns home to mull it over with his wife before signing any agreements. Upon finding how much money is offered Milos' Wife Marjia insists that he give it a shot , So shortly after Milos signs up, Still not knowing exactly what he will be shooting.From this point we see in graphic detail just what kind of movies Milos is taking part in and let me just say these are definitely not your run of the mill skin flicks.Milos begins to start getting weary of Vukmirs objective when a young girl starts showing up on set and all of the crew for Vukmirs shoots are armed guards so reasonably he starts to get uneasy about the whole thing, So much so that he enlists the help of his brother Marko who is a cop to do some background research on this eclectic director.I don't wanna give too much of this flick away but lets just say that this movie is not or the squeamish or starts as the gore in this film is intense and extremely convincing and in a few scenes it goes way beyond that. A Serbian film is a hard movie to sit through but the acting is good and the story is so twisted that once you are invested in it , It is hard to turn away although there are plenty of parts where it would be easily understood why one would turn this film off. In fact it is harder to explain why you would want to even continue watching after certain scenes. This movie makes films like 8mm and other films tackling similar subjects look like children's fare in comparison. I mean just when you think it cant go any further into dark territory it does and in extreme fashion. Not too spoil anything but I feel that this needs to be touched upon , One particular scene should be explained in order to warn those who want to watch this film and that scene involves Milos and Vukmir sitting in a boardroom shortly after milos says he is done working for him after a quite strenuous and mentally, emotionally  draining scene, this is when Vukmir shows Milos what he believes to be some of his greatest work and this is a New genre he is working on....That genre being NewBorn Porn. And yes it is exactly what it sounds like. Vukmir gives Milos a viewing of a scene he has shot involving a woman going into labor and a man helps deliver the baby then immediately has sex with the infant, And keep in mind this is all shown in great detail.. Honestly one of , if not the most disturbing scenes I have ever seen in my entire life of film watching. now that is not the only truly shocking moment in the movie but if you can get past that particular scene the rest of the film is a cake walk and in all honesty in a whole I found the film extremely entertaining and dark.  I did enjoy this movie much more than I expected to but I truly believe that in some cases the director is purposely just going too far , trying too hard to be shocking, and he definitely accomplishes being shocking, allot of the stuff that is shown would still be just as effective if it was not shown on screen in such vivid detail. I  mean there is allot of overkill in this flick, especially towards the end when the gore and sex is amped up, And when I say overkill I really mean overkill
, really was there any reason to show a guy getting skull fucked to death? or A woman Brutally beaten and then shot in the face with semen? They could have easily hinted at it and gotten the point across just as easy. It seems nowadays even with More mainstream movies like the latest remakes even that the trend is the more blood and guts the more money they will make, well if that is the case then this film would make more than any Hollywood blockbuster out there today. So now I feel that I may have given too much away but trust me there is plenty still to be seen and disbelieved that I have not mentioned, If you are not offended by cinema because it is fiction than you will find somethings to like in this film but, trust me you have to have a strong stomach to make it through this journey but I still think it is worth it.  Truthfully the story in itself is good, the acting is good, and the end although truly fucked up really closes the film in brilliant fashion. Oh and I forgot , now looking back at the movie there is a scene that I will not spoil here because it is key to the ending that is even more shocking and disgusting than the Newborn scene, If you cant believe that then check this one out or don't , I would not blame anyone who skips this one because it will change the way you look at film and what is allowed .....Call me sick but I liked it, So....
4 out of 5

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