Monday, May 28, 2012

The Toxic Avenger 4

The Toxic Avenger 4  "Citizen Toxie: A Tale of Two Toxies" (2000)

Dir: Lloyd Kaufman

IMDB Rating: 6.2 out of 10

After 15 years and two "Lackluster" sequels Toxie returns to Fight for the folks of Tromaville. Troma acknowledges in the opening monologue (Read by Stan Lee) that this is the "Actual" sequel to The Toxic Avenger ,Apparently wanting to forget about the prior two installments. This makes a bit of sense considering that Toxie's Girlfriends name changes back to Sara for this one with no explanation given. Citizen Toxie is one of my favorite Troma films ever as it shows exactly ow much the company has grown as a whole and they incorporate all the tricks and standards they have become famous for in this film. As the characters are all completely insane , the gore is plentiful and of course it's not a Troma flick without Boobs and bathroom humor.Also it shows how this company has come from a small time independent and grown into the huge cult phenomenon it has become, This is exhibited by the amount of cameos in this film, As celebrities from all walks of entertainment are featured in small walk on roles throughout the flick ranging from Musician Lemmy of Motorhead , Stars of Adult entertainment like Ron Jeremy, Masumi Max,Petra Verkaik even some Hollywood standouts like Eli Roth and James Gunn . Troma/Low budget cinema legends in Julie Strain, Stephanie Shepis, Neriah Davis.Oh and let's not forget Howard Stern "Whack Packer" Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf as God. This films proves that folks of all walks of life have not only grown up with but grown to love Troma and how huge of a influence the company has become in the world of Cult cinema. So without further ado lets dive right in and take a look at one of Troma's biggest achievements with Toxic Avenger 3: Citizen Toxie.

The film opens with a back story covering the events of the first film read by Marvel founder Stan Lee, And it pretty much disregards the previous two sequels, Claiming this as the Real sequel.After the intorduction we meet the children at Tromaville school for the very special before local street gang The Diaper Mafia arrives on campus an create a hostile takeover demanding media coverage from the Bikini News Team. As the mafia begins taking out several hostages Toxie and his new sidekick Lardass arrive under disguise as the popular reporters and things don't go nearly as smooth as they planned when the mafia opens fire in the classroom before Toxie can get the situation under control. Once Toxie gets his hands on the ring leader it is revealed that he is strapped with an explosive that will set off once his heart stops. Toxie's Tromatons are out of control and he disembowels the leader as the Bomb detonates. Mid fight Toxie leaves his sidekick behind as he is trying to impregnate Sara (Now back to original name and yet another new actress). Lard ass struggles to figure out how to defuse the bomb while Toxie heads home to get some quick action. By the time Toxie returns the bombs timer runs out and Lard ass manages to eat the bomb saving the school until he farts and someone lights a match blowing up the school killing all except the teacher and two students Toxie managed to save.During the explosion however, something snaps in the space time continuum and Toxie quickly realizes the streets of Troma are not the same as all of his adoring fans have been replaced with a lynch mob while in the real Tromaville A different Toxie arrives and he attacks his fans turning them against him. As evil Toxie known as the Noxious Offender kills off some of the folks of tromaville he gets the attention of crooked cop Sgt.Kazinski (Played by Cigar Face from part one) who takes him to safety and likes the new attitude of "Toxie".Meanwhile in Amortville Toxie witnesses the streets running rampant with scum and druggies as he saves the to students once again he brought along from the school as Tito "The Retarded Rebel" is attempting to sell of his co-ed Sweety Honey to some pushers for a crack rock. As Toxie makes the save the dealers think he is their leader Noxie and they are confused by this turn of events.

As Noxious Offender quickly turns to a life of crime tarnishing Toxie's name in Tromaville, The Mayor puts together a team of Superheroes to fight against the newly evil Toxie. This group consists of The Vibrator, Dolphin Man, Mad Cow Boy , Bad rapper/Sex offender cross Master Bater and Of course Sgt.Kabukiman NYPD who is a horrible drunk apparently. Noxie settles in and brings a crack whore to the waste dump for a threesome with Sara, While in Amortville Toxie saves a black man who is being drug by a rednecks pick up truck. Sadly he doesn't make the save in time and the man is reduced to just a head, Toxie then promises to get Pompi a new body and finds the Plastic Surgery Palace where they quickly dispose of Pompi into the pile of Hot Dog Parts.As Toxie struggles to adapt he comes across Lardass who is Chester a renowned scientist turned homeless cock sucker in this universe and it is revealed that Noxie is the cause of this. Chester directs him to Noxie's mansion where Sara's double Claire (In a nod to the name change) lives and she too is a hot mess.Toxie after talking with Claire decides to get her back to Chester in hopes he can help him get back to Tromaville. This leads to a fight between Evil Kabukiman and Toxie. This is all happening while Noxie is taking over Tromaville quickly disposing of the heroes and killing the Mayor.After Noxie defeats the Super group Kabukiman manages to escape and he has an interesting drunken run in with Sara as she is passed out. In Amortville Toxie fights off Evil Kabukiman and Mad Cow trying to save his trio of new friends.

Back in Tromaville Claire is pregnant and she finds that she is having twins, However the twins are from different fathers somehow and she has the choice of aborting or dying in labor due to the fighting babies. While Claire debates on what to do Sara is reunited with Chester in Amortville.Chester agrees to help Toxie get back to Tromaville in return for reuniting him with his love. Toxie and Sweety get transported to a few wrong destinations first one being a 70's gay porn set and then Heaven where God agrees to send him back to Tromaville to fight Noxie. Now time for the final showdown in this confusing little flick as Toxie meets Noxie in a labor ward where Claire is going into labor. The two Hideously deformed creatures of super human size and strength duke it out until Toxie is able to get the upper hand blowing up Noxie's medically enhanced penis and then ripping his heart valve from his chest once again saving Tromaville. As Claire gives birth to twins, however in a twist ending one of the twins ends up looking like Kabukiman.

Although this film was a pain to explain in typing, It is a heel of allot of fun too watch. Toxic Avenger 4 is to me the epitome of Troma cinema and for those out there who have not seen any Troma before I feel this is a perfect film to test the waters and see if it is your thing or not. It is about as low brow and offensive as a film can get without being taken seriously. All the Troma trademarks are present in full effect in this one and there is even nods toother Troma films in here as well, With Kabukiman and even a nod to Tromeo and Juliet with the Penis monster puppet. I think that anyone who enjoys South Park should easily enjoy the humor and shock value of Troma's films and this is even further proven when knowing that Trey Parker and Matt Stone kind of got their start with Troma as they released their film Cannibal:The Musical years prior to creating the famous cartoon. If you are a fan of troma then there is no doubt you have seen this film but if you are not and are curious to see what they have to offer this is the perfect flick to provide example of what they do. After the awesomeness that is Citizen Toxie I am anxious to see what they do with the series when part 5 comes out. I have always been a huge fan of Toxic Avenger and this film really made me overjoyed when I saw it the first time and it is a film that i can always go back and watch and have fun doing so. It seems that Troma has kind of slowed down in recent years but with the release of the great "Father's Day" and news of The fifth film in this series as well as talks of a "Return to Class of nuke em'High" being made soon I am excited to see how these flicks turn out and I will be one of the first in line to get my copies. Troma does not always put out the best  cinema has to offer but, when they get something right it always turns out amazing in a so bad it's good way. To me no films out there are anywhere near similar to the style these guys do and with series' like Toxic Avenger and Class of Nuke em' High they will always have a fan in me no matter how many shitty films they put out, These will always be winners in my book. So now that I got this series out of the way  think I am gonna take on some good ol' Japanese gore next, So until next time hope you enjoyed my look into a series that is near and dear to my heart and I hope I shed some light on a series that should forever go down in history as one of the greatest cult series in history.

Fun Factor:9
Overall:8 out of 10


  1. You wouldn't happen to be able to get a hold of a screencap of Masuimi Max in the movie would you? I've been searching all over the place and can't find any. She played one of the "Glamorous Gyno-Americans"

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