Saturday, May 19, 2012

Diary of a Sex Offender

Diary of a Sex Offender (2010)

Dir:John Niflheim

IMDB Rating: N/A

Ever so often I stumble upon a film that so little is known about that it even fails to be posted on IMDB the main reference source of all things cinema. More often than not these films are utterly disgusting and rancid trash that clutters the floor of exploitation cinema. Upon discovering this film I was expecting something strictly made for shock value and pushing boundaries, Much like "A Serbian Film" or "August Underground Mortem" however what I got was much, much worse. This short slightly over an hour film is a truly sad and reaching attempt to be artsy while failing to strike nerves you would expect coming from a film titled "Diary of a Sex Offender". Truly this was a disappointment and I would have rather sat through an hour long Shock Fest than this boring low budget, Horribly acted piece of celluloid. So, Here we have Diary of a Sex Offender.

             The film opens with Michael Righardi, A troubled young man as he provides a bit of narration explaining his upbringing and his fascination with religion as he is driving down the road and happens upon a lovely young runaway in which he offers a ride. After some small talk the young lady agrees to go to Michael's house for some drinks, Upon arriving she finds that Mike is a bit of an odd bird as his place is cluttered with strange art work. After she announces that she was kicked out of her house for giving her Boyfriend a blowjob the two discuss authoritative figures and life's rules and regulations before he slips her a drugged drink. Michael quickly demonstrates his "Do whatever you want,Whenever you want" philosophy as he drags the young women into his quarters and proceeds to strip her , tie her down and moles her, Before of course killing her. During the torture/rape scene a dark figure is shown watching over the on goings and this apparently is "Iwas" the god figure Michael has made up in his new religion he has been mapping out. Following the murder which is barely shown, Michael appears to go into a seizure and begins seeing hallucinations along with a series of numbers that apparently have some sort of importance. Afterwards Michael wakes up and begins to research what may be behind the numbers ,Looking for answers and perhaps some purpose to his new mission.

The following night Michael strikes again offing a pretty goth chick which we never see how he met her or why she is in his place and following a S&M themed stripping he cuts her throat. Later we see Michael and his friend Jim discussing religion at a small diner where a waitress takes an interest in Jim, Michael being an opportunist invites the lady to his place to meet his pal over some drinks. While at Michael's the waitress shows some serious disdain for him and she vocalizes just how gross she thinks he is. This of course does not sit well with him but, It doesn't matter because we all know by now whats coming. After a long and terribly boring rape scene she meets her demise as well at the end of the knife. After this victim yet again Michael suffers some hallucinations and sees some more numbers and still we get no explanation as to what these numbers mean although he makes them seem key to the plot.

 Michael then opens up to his buddy Jim and shows him the Manifesto of sorts he has been writing about his new religion and like any sane person Jim tells Michael to seek help.Just as Michael is feeling rejected and alone , A new tenant moves into his building. A woman named Zoey who apparently shares some similar ideas as Michael and the two immediately hit it off. She comes over for drinks and cannot resist his urges and drugs her , However she does not seem to want to fight and when he flat out tells her he is going to rape her she seems into it and gives herself to him,Even going as far to confess her love for him. This development changes things as Iwas seems to disappear and the two begin dating. He shows her his writings and she believes that Iwas is just a figment of his imagination to keep him safe from rejection, And now that he has her he can have a fresh start. Things appear to be going quite well for Michael until one night Zoey returns to his place after work only to be knifed to death. Michael awakes to find her body and Iwas claims it was Michael and that his work is not done . The last sequence of numbers is revealed and still we get no answers as to what they mean. Michael upset about losing the only person who has ever "Gotten" him decides to join her and he kills himself as the credits roll.

This film had some potential and I believe it could have worked as a full length feature, If it would have provided some more insight into the characters and at least elaborated more on the whole Numbers theme it could have made for a interesting piece. However with it's short run time and lack of any structure or substance it just felt like a rushed together project. I also feel the film would have benefited from pushing the envelope further,I mean if your film is called "Diary of a Sex Offender" and it's main focus is on a tortured young man who not only believes he is making his own religion but it is based upon rape and murder you may as well go balls out and show something other than tits and dildo's. As is this is a huge fail and comes off overly "Artsy" and truly just seems up it's own ass with some message, What that message is I am not entirely sure but either way it doesn't get it's point across other than to show some decent rocker chicks naked. The complete lack of gore really hurt this film especially considering it is obviously meant to shock the viewer but it comes off tame and boring.All the performances are completely void of emotion and I feel if the main cast was given more time to develop perhaps that would have made more sense, Also with religion being one of the main themes  you would think they would at least attempt to explain Michael's belief system a bit which they never do so it just makes the entire plot pointless. Truly a waste of an hour but, It didn't look too bad for a low budget flick so credit to the film makers for that. This one is a definite pass unless you are a really huge fan of Suicide Girl looking type ladies, In that case the first two women in the film are worth checking out but if that's the case just look up some nudie pics and skip this failed attempt at a shock film.

Fun Factor:2
Overall: 2.5 out of 10

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