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Nasty Nancy

Nasty Nancy (2011)

Dir: Sandi Mance

IMDB Rating: N/A

Tonight I checked out what has certainly got to be a first for this site, This short film is a Croatian tribute to the Tokyo Shock genre, And truthfully given the low budget and short run time this film still manages to do a pretty nice job paying homage to the source material which makes for a pretty fun ride. It is no secret that I am a fan of the over the top antics and gore of J-Gorror cinema as it often reminds me of the golden age of Troma. Films like Tokyo Gore Police,Vampire Girl v.s. Frankenstein Girl and Machine Girl prove that it is often fun to just check your brain at the door and enjoy the the insane blood and guts as well as the low brow humor often held for the lowest common denominator. If anything holds this film back from being a perfect tribute it would be the run time as I would have enjoyed a full length feature which could provide more depth to the story and characters within. I have not seen too many films from this part of the globe but if A Serbian film and this little gem are any insight to what it has to offer , I think I may have to do some searching as I may have found a whole new source for foreign cinema. 

              Nasty Nancy's story id pretty simple as it centers around a group of sexually depraved teachers who arrive at an old abandoned school building after receiving mysterious invites to an orgy for the staffers.Shortly after the professors arrive they stumble upon a young junkie who overdoses in front of them, Instead of taking this as a bad omen and splitting the scene they decide to stick around and make a party out of it after stealing the deceased mans drugs. The teachers split up for a game of sexy hide and seek and we get a bit of insight on the teachers and their perversions. All seems to be looking up until a young woman in a school uniform and roller skates wielding a Katana blade begins hunting don the depraved staffers. First  the Biology teacher is cut down by the young lady after we get a flashback of the teacher selling his students out to prostitution in exchange for higher grades. The biology professor meets his demise at the end of Nancy's blade as he is gutted in gory fashion.Almost immediately after the first kill, one of the female teachers stumbles upon Mr.Biology's corpse while Nancy stands over him gleefully. The Math teacher engages in battle with Nancy but comes up short and is stabbed with a ruler , which makes for one of the films lamer kills.

As Nancy continues hunting down the remaining staffers, We get some more insight into the questionable methods of the teachers and we learn that the Catholicism professor has a bit of a voyeuristic fetish as she forces her students to perform sexual acts in front of er in order to achieve passing grades. She is freaking out after being drugged and things get worse when she happens across her co workers dead bodies. Nancy treats her to a very brutal demise when she rapes her with the blade of her sword before impaling her skull with a cross. Now with only a few potential victims left the two remaining male staffers representing Chemistry and English manage to flee from the building only to realize that the gate to the outside world has been chained leaving them trapped in the premises. The guys decide to get some revenge as they split up in order to find the young student.This leads to a fight between Nancy and the English professor and after a quick stand off with Nancy pitting a Chainsaw against her katana. Nancy makes short work of the pudgy Professor when she amputates his hands then to further add insult to injury she spanks him with his severed hands getting some payback for his fetish of belittling his students. At this point we learn exactly why Nancy is seeking revenge on these teachers as she failed her finals after endless hours of studying since she refused to bend to the sexual wills of her teachers. She then sent the fake invites for the orgy in order to set up this elaborate plot to get her vengeance.As Nancy finishes the English Professor off via decapitation she spots the Chemistry teacher in the window of one of the second story rooms. 

This leads to the completely over the top finale of the film as Nancy faces off with the Chemistry Teacher and his drug fueled super cock. As if the previous killings were not insane enough they really held no punches for the climax as Nancy not only throws acid in the mans face disfiguring him she castrates him before he attempts to beat her to death with his giant severed penis. After the final duel Nancy finds the final remaining teacher who had been doing a fine job hiding before this. However Nancy dismisses the Latin professor as she deems her innocent, Not knowing that Nancy was going to show her some compassion and let her live the teacher decides to off herself as the film comes to a close.

Nasty Nancy truly was a fun flick and as i stated before I think it would have benefited from a longer running time, If they would have focused more on a build up to the revenge plot by going more into detail with the teachers and the school this could have easily been extended to feature length. For a over the top tribute to J-Gorror cinema this film works perfectly and the gore effects done by Mislav Lakubrija who did the effects for A Serbian film did a tremendous job capturing the goofy over the top style of films in the Tokyo Shock genre. If you are a fan of the Japanese gore flicks then this film is certainly worth checking out as it is just as fun as many of those flicks. The acting is not the greatest but, Who goes into a film like this looking for any semblance of seriousness? The girl playing the role of Nancy is super cute in a nerdy girl next door way which provided me with some serious let down as there was no nudity in this film at all, Which I found odd for a movie as sexually charged as this one is. There really is not much more to add about this gem as I stated this is certainly an acquired taste but for those gore hounds out there that enjoy the insane take on gore films from the land of the rising sun then this will definitely deliver some good times.I highly recommend this one and I look forward to seeing what else this director has to offer as well as Croatian cinema in general, I just truly wish this film was a bit longer It would have gotten a much higher rating from me.

Fun Factor:6
Overall: 5.5 out of 10

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