Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A small request from the readers....

I know you guys are out there because my view numbers continue to rise ,Albeit slowly but still. If you frequent the site please take a moment to subscribe/Fllow my blog and get your self a screen name. That way I could get to know my readers and interact with them more in order to make the site better. I will continue to share my love of odd cinema but I think it would be allot more fun to have this place be more interactive. I mean c'mon, it's free and only takes a second to do so. I would greatly appreciate it.
                                                                                      Thanks, And I love you all.
                                                                                   Nathaniel (Dick Swift) Guest

And it would Make Bailey Happy as well.......

Ok , I'm sorry. I promise I am done with the Bailey Jay pics (For Awhile?)
I just thought it would be funny....hear is something to make it all better.........

Danielle Harris makes everything better, Even Married With Children for crying out loud.

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