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Screw Balls 2: Loose Screws

Screw Balls 2: Loose Screws (1985)

Dir:Rafal Zielinski

This film proves the theory "If it ain't broke , don't Fix it." Loose Screws is the sequel to the semi-popular sex romp Screw Balls. The film pretty much follows the original film to a tee, with a few minor changes to the story. This time a group of four students at Beaver High are sent to a summer school in order to graduate. Once they arrive at Coxwell academy the guys pull a hoax acting like school doctors attempting to provide physicals to the female students arriving. After getting a few gropes in and checking out a nerd girl who forgot to wear a bra , The principle catches the boys in the act getting them off to a bad start. After being disciplined the gang decide to set up a competition amongst each other seeing who can get the most action, with the main prize being to get with the sexy new french teacher Mona Lott. The guys quickly hit the streets looking for action and Steve goes straight for the gold setting up a tutoring lesson with Mrs.Lott. Meanwhile in the girls dorm , Brad dresses in drag in order to sneak in and get some in the process. Surprisingly he goes unnoticed by the dorm mother. Brad is forced to take a bath and he is joined by Candy Barr as they seem to hit it off right away and while he attempts to put the moves on her he is caught and banished from the dorm. Elsewhere Steve misunderstands Mrs.Lott's french and enters her shower causing her to throw him out of her house just as the Principle shows up trying to hit on the new faculty member. The gang instantly gets in more hot water after these failed attempts to get laid and the Principle puts his foot down.

Next is Hugh's attempt to get a peek at Mona as he peeps through her window only to get spotted and then caught by the Principle. After hitting the beach with a group of girls that nearly mirrors the guys group of personalities , The boys create a concoction that makes clothes disintegrate in water and they add it to the swimming pool while the girls are swimming. This works and they get their fill of stares when the Principle again rains on their parade by showing up to do his laps.Brad now takes his chance to get at Lott as he disguises himself as an Asian masseuse , things are going really well until he rubs her a little too hard and she notices it is not her usual guy. Steve meets his love interest while playing tennis and is invited to her house. He quickly realizes she is the principles wife when he is nearly walked in on. After these wacky adventures it is finally Marvin's turn to get his glimpse at the french teacher and he tries to sneak into the ladies changing room through the ceiling. He gets a few nice glances before he comes crashing through the roof and also gets caught by the Principle. The guys are then put on notice and are banned from leaving the campus at all, This does not stop them as they sneak out to go to a strip club. Coincidentally the Principle and Mrs.Lott arrive while on a date and they are spotted.At this point the gang is expelled from the summer academy and they now have no chance of graduating. Upset that they had ruined their futures just trying to see one woman naked, They plot a revenge to take place at the graduation.

Hugh creates a airborne aphrodisiac for part of their plan and they sneak into campus in drag for the graduation ceremony. While The Principle and Mrs.Lott unveil a new statue of the founder of the school and prepare to play a video of the history of the academy the guys spring into action and their revenge plot begins.When the video rolls it turns out to be a sex tape of the Principle and Lott , once the film ends the statue starts emitting the aphrodisiac smoke and the faculty start sexually attacking the Principle while Mrs.Lott strips in front of the entire audience. Then we are treated to a spontaneous musical number as the gang plays a really cheesy rock song as credits roll.

Their are so many things wrong with this film, I mean on it's own it is ok,but as a sequel to Screw balls it fails on many levels. They could have easily made a film following what happened to the original gang and that would have been fine but instead it seems they tried to just remake the original and it fails horribly.For starters the gang in this one are basically the same exact characters as the first installment i mean you have Steve who is the jock, Brad who is the ladies man, Hugh who is the nerd and Melvin the fat guy , not only are they similar in character but they look exactly the same as the originals to and I think two of them are the same actors , if not I know the Hugh character was in the original as Howie. The plot also is just a retread only replacing the goal of attraction this time with a teacher instead of a stuck up virgin. Another thing that hurts this film is you can see the 90's approaching and what I mean by that is everything is followed by a musical number and horrible music at that. You can see the MTV generations influence on this film and it hurts it drastically. Also for a Sex Comedy this one kind of lacks in the nudity department, The original film had a tremendous amount of beautiful women showing off their goods. In this one all the shots are either very quick or there is so much going on , on the screen you barely catch any of it. That part would not have hurt the film so much if it was funny or if it were even trying to be different than the original but as I stated before this one is just a cheesier rehash of the first installment. Once again If it Ain't Broke Don't Fix It.....I will only suggest this one to completeists of the genre , fanatics of cheese 80's sex comedies or those who cannot find the first film. This one just does not work as a sequel in my eyes.

Overall:4.5 out of 10

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