Tuesday, June 14, 2011

8,000 Views and My 200th review : Site updates and news

First I would like to say I am sorry for lagging on the reviews the last few weeks. Life in general has been a bit hectic and I have just not had the time or urge to watch anything as of late, But I promise I am back in full swing now regardless of life's obstacles. Second I would again like to thank the readers for the support as i have reached 8,000 views recently and I am glad to see that the readership seems to be growing each month. I would however like to ask and encourage my returning readers to please subscribe/Follow this site if for anything else just to make me feel a sense of importance or something like that. Anyway, The site is only 13 reviews shy of 200 and I plan on watching something special for that review. I cannot think of a film I would like to do for said honor , So I would love for my readers to chime in with some suggestions as to what to watch. The main reason I began this blog was to inform and also to create a place where fans of odd cinema to gather and share thoughts and opinions on these types of cinema,  That is truly the reason why I am constantly asking for my readers to subscribe and send feedback as I am always looking for ways to improve the site and my writing style as well. Also I think it would be fun to get some suggestions from readers in hopes of perhaps learning about some films I may not have had the opportunity to have seen or heard of in my days collecting strange off-beat cinema. With that mouth-full said , Again Thanks to all of you for giving my humble little site a look and please spread the word as I am just sharing something I love with others who share the same passion for something different in their movies than the standard easily available trash Hollywood shoves down the throats of the masses these days.
                                                                               Nathaniel "Dick Swift" Guest

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