Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Video Dead

The Video Dead (1987)
Well this odd little film tries really hard to add something fresh to the ever popular zombie genre and it does but, is that a good thing in this case? Hard to say. The flick begins with a television set being delivered to the house of writer Henry Jordan. Apparently he had not ordered such item but it had been paid for so he accepts the gift. Shortly after the T.V. keeps turning on by itself and it is playing "Zombie Blood Nightmare", Mr. Jordan repeatedly turns the set off and even unplugs it but to no avail this set will not stay off, Then the zombies begin escaping from the T.V. and then Screaming.... Fade to black. The following day the same delivery folk arrive to pick the television up since it apparently was supposed to be sent to the Institute of the Occult. Upon arrival they find Mr. Jordan has been killed. Flash forward 3 months and the old Jordan home has been sold to a new family where Young Jeff and his sis Zoe move in while the parents are away on business. Jeff hears a woman calling his name from the attic and he finds nothing but the Cursed T.V., Seeing nothing strange about this he takes the set into his room and things go afoul from here. Once again the Dead escape and roam the nearby woods killing a few people in the neighborhood. One thing I liked about this film is that at first the zombies seem to go about life as if they did not know they were dead much like in Dawn of The Dead, But once they see themselves in mirrors they then freak out and get a bit outraged.After Jeff's love interest a Neighbor girl named April finds her family slaughtered she goes to stay with Jeff and his Sis when a Man arrives named Josh Daniels, He apparently is with The Society of the Occult or for some reason he just knows of the dangers of these zombies and begins to tell of their history and how one could dispose of these undead Couch Potatoes.these are no regular Zombies these are in fact "The Video Dead" they cannot be killed by the standard head shots like most others of the genre. He goes on to tell them that there are only two ways to rid these sluggish foes and those ways being to trap them somewhere they cannot escape and they will eat each other until nothing is left or to fight them as if they were normal living folk until they are convinced they are dead. Also they hate mirrors and feed off fear of the living.While educating the young siblings on the nature of the beast at hand , April is kidnapped by one of these Video Dead. So Jeff and Mr. Daniels head out into the  Forrest to track them down and take out the lot of them. Several arrow shots later Daniels says that they truly have to be slaughtered in order to get the point across and so he breaks out a Chainsaw , at this point Jeff wishes to take over because he feels he knows how to wield the saw best since his favorite movie is Texas Chainsaw Massacre.....( always remember the rule: Never mention a better film in your own film).After the Zombies are taken out one apparently survives and kills most of our heroes in a unseen plot twist Daniels Jeff and April are all killed, Jeff being chopped down in the gut by his beloved saw . Later we see the Dead being waken up out of their believed deaths to head back to the house to go for Zoe who is waiting for her brother and Daniels to arrive back victorious. She decides to take a different approach and acts like she is not afraid of the dead and in fact befriends them by inviting them in for dinner and dancing... after a interesting scene she ends up locking the dead in the basement for them to feast on each other. In the end we see that Zoe has been committed to a mental ward and her parents arrive back from Saudi Arabia to visit her barring gifts...... A television they found lying in the basement.....The T.V. goes on and "Zombie Blood Massacre" airs yet again and we fade out.....
This film takes a interesting approach to the genre but it still kinda falls flat due to lack of gore and overall cheesiness. This is by far not the worst Zombie film out there (The Italians have that pretty much covered) but it just does not do enough for it to deserve being dug up from it's grave. Really only a movie for serious Zombie film completists , otherwise simply kind of forgettable . Also the film tries way too hard to be funny and fails at that miserably. So in closing Can you do worse yes very but as far of Zombie films go , You really could pass on this one. I was kinda disappointed by this one because I really remember liking this one when I was younger but that was a long time ago and allot of films have been seen by these eyes since then making this one age badly I suppose.
Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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