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Blood Diner (1987)

Blood Diner (1987)
Blood Diner is a homage to the gore films of the late 60's and for the most part a nod to the Godfather of Gore Herschell Gordon Lewis , More in Particular one of H.G.'s more well known films Blood Feast.
The story is basically ripped straight from Blood Feast in that the film focuses on a Egyptian goddess being brought back to life by piecing together a Host body from parts of different women and having a Feast of Blood ceremony to resurrect her spirit. As the H.G. film follows one Egyptian man and his deli , this one focuses on the nephews of Anwar ( whom is hinted at as being Ramsey from Blood Feast), and their Vegetarian Health food Cafe. Anwar is killed in the beginning of the film by the police in front of his nephews Michael and George Namtut or Tutman . 20 years later the boys dig up Anwars corpse and remove his brain, reanimate it and take instructions from him to revive the Goddess Shitaar. The boys go around slaughtering slutty women in some interesting ways , one of which having her head deep fried into a giant batter ball then decapitated.... in order to piece together the "perfect" body for the Egyptian goddess. The last ingredient needed is of course a virgin girl, whom just happens to be the daughter of the retired officer in charge of their uncle Anwars case.The film plays out as a horror/Comedy which were popular during the mid to late 80's and to an extent it works with all the loud and colorful characters to follow. Michael is the "handsome" brother who has a knack for Psycho-kenesis while his brother George is a talented cook who is strong , slow minded and has a obsession with pro wrestling, this is shown in the film when George accepts an open challenge from local wrestling heavyweight champ Little Jimmy Hitler....(Yes Hitler). Uncle Anwars sex craved brain , A local health food restaurant owner in competition with the Tutman's who talks two a life size puppet and the detectives on the case being the duo of Sleazy perv minded greeseball and his black lady straight laced partner who is constantly shooting down his advances. Apparently this flick was originally supposed to be a sequel to Lewis' Blood Feast but was decided to be it's own film in the late stages of production. The gore in this film is pretty decent but obviously meant to be over the top and slap stickish. The film succeeds in being a comedy as parts of the film are down right hilarious if you enjoy cheesy jokes ,sight gags and one liners, which were rampant during these days.The closing scene where the feast begins the splatter is turned up a notch and leads to some decent closing moments. If you are one that gets a kick out of films like Evil Dead 2, Troma Films , Frankenhooker, or Brain Damage, Matter of fact if you are a fan of Frank Henenlotter films (like I am ) you will thoroughly enjoy this film as it is very similar to his  style of  films. The film is a fun watch and you can tell the folks in charge of putting this together made this with love for the genre in their hearts. H.G. Lewis fans will also find something here to love as it is a nice homage to his contributions to the Horror Genre.
Zagat Dining Guide gives Blood Diner 3 out of 5

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