Friday, November 23, 2012

Finally some news and updates

I send my deepest and sincerest apologies to those out there that do or did actually check my little page out. It has been months since I got back here and reviewed anything and I plan to change this. Due to some serious computer issues I had been neglecting this place and not taking anytime to review anything as of late. Mainly because it has become a chore to get screen shots for the site thanks to my new computer automatically updating all my media software. I feel that this is just a lazy excuse and I should be putting far more effort into this site since I do in fact love providing a small shining light on some of the worlds weirdest and cheesiest cinema I can find. With that said I will be back up and running this month and will be providing at least one new review each week from here on out. Starting tonight with something festive for the Thanksgiving Holiday. I again am truly sorry for the huge gap in activity and hope that all my faithful readers can accept this apology  P.S. this is the place to post any requests you guys out there may have if you would like to see something reviewed or if you would like to punish me for my negligence through cinema.
                      Thank you all,
                                    Nathaniel (Dick Swift) Guest


  1. well i guess this site is dead

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