Sunday, September 16, 2012

Finally I am Back

Sorry everyone that was following my little site here as I have been completely neglecting this place for what seems like forever. Several complications have come and gone , I will spare you the details, But I am getting back to the site now and will try my hardest to keep on a decent active schedule. Sadly I had lost my PC and upon replacing it I lost my older media player which makes it harder to gather screens for the reviews, this will slow things down a bit but I will surely get back to providing you all with a look at the odd and often shitty films I watch on a daily basis. Thank you all for understanding and   will try my best to make it up tot you.... Here  is a few nudie pics to please the eyes of those who have missed this little corner of the net. (Like you couldn't find them anywhere else)

                               Sincerely , Nathaniel (Dick Swift) Guest

1 comment:

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