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Run Bitch, Run!

Run Bitch , Run! (2009)
Dir:Joseph Guzman (Nude Nuns with Big Guns)

After watching Nude Nuns with Big Guns I was interested to see what else this director had to offer and once again I was pleased with what I found. If Nude Nuns was Guzman's version of Thriller: They Call Her one Eye than Run Bitch Run! could be interpreted as his spin on I Spit On Your Grave. This film is another take on the Rape/Revenge genre and once again the directors obvious love for retro cinema shines through in this one.
Rebecca and Catherine are Catholic schoolgirls on a mission to spread the word of the lord selling bibles door to door throughout small towns for their school. Before we meet the girls though we are introduced to a slimy pimp named Lobo and his sidekick Clint and his main Bitch Marla. Marla is one dangerous chick as immediately in the opening scenes we see her killing a trick over 20 dollars, while Clint is with his girlfriend in another room watching what appears to be a early cut of Nude Nuns with Big Guns.
While Lobo disposes of the tricks body, We then meet Rebecca and Catherine. Rebecca is not the prototypical bible thumper as she wants to have fun and look for boys while Catherine is the picture of purity with her mind and heart set on spreading the good word. We learn this while Rebecca showers......
The girls set out for Juneberry but pass through the town of Moseley along the way and Catherine decides to try and spread the gospel to the townsfolk after being told the people there could use it. In Moseley the girls are not welcomed with open arms as everyone in town just slams the door on the girls and they are even robbed by a young punk kid played by the same child actor that played young Michael Myers in Rob Zombies remake of Halloween.
The girls make their way to Lobo's door just in time to witness him shooting one of his hookers and when they are spotted the two are taken captive then tortured and forced to  do sexual favors for Marla as Lobo and Clint leave to dispose of the dead hookers body.
During a game of Russian Roulette Rebecca is shot in the head when Marla is toying with the gun in Rebecca's mouth. Lobo returns to find the dead schoolgirl so he and his gang take Catherine and her deceased friends into the woods to take care of making the girls disappear. Lobo decides to give Catherine a running start as a game and when he captures her he then rapes her and leaves her for dead in the woods. Later Catherine wakes up and wanders the woods naked until she is found on the side of the road and taken to a hospital.
After waking up in the hospital Catherine steals a Nurse outfit and escapes , setting out to get her revenge. Almost immediately after leaving the hospital she is approached by another street pimp and she assaults him with a scalpel , carving him up pretty good in a scene very reminiscent to Ms.45. After this run in her actual mission begins, As she Stumbles upon her car at the chop shop Lobo dropped it off at, while she searches for the keys she finds a gun and then sees a man having sex with the corpse of the hooker she saw shot at Lobo's place. After that catches up with Clint at a bar and takes a shotgun to their little meeting.
Catherine then returns to Lobo's Place and a struggle between Marla and Catherine takes place with Marla loosing her head in the process.
Approaching Lobo's room with Marla's head in hand she interrupts Lobo having sex with the same nurse that helped save Catherine earlier, and Lobo tries to grotesquely convince her that she should consider herself lucky that he had taken her virginity and this does not go to well for Lobo as he is quickly and violently sodomized by machete before Catherine makes her exit.

After Catherine leaves , She heads down the road and then the film ends on a real downer note, but it makes sense after all she had been through I guess.
Once again Joseph Guzman perfectly captures the feel of the classic Rape/Revenge genre of exploitation cinema that was pretty popular during the 70's.Although I did not find this one as endearing as Nude Nuns with Big Guns this films is entertaining in it's own right.Both films are quite similar in more ways than one with the obvious being the revenge aspect,But the characters are also similar especially when it comes to the bad guys involved in the story.The actress who plays Catherine really conveys a sense of  fear and dispair through her facial expressions as she does not speak at all once the rape takes place bearing a strong resemblance to the main character in Ms.45 and Thriller:They call her one eye. I know I have mentioned those two films allot during both of Joseph Guzman's films I have reviewed but you can tell that his films were both hugely influenced by those movies, This one adds a dash of I Spit on your Grave as well with the whole girl in peril left in the woods aspect. Run Bitch, Run is a bit more serious and less campy then Nude nuns with big Guns but it works especially given the story it tells.I look forward to seeing more films by this director but I hope that he strays away from the Rape/revenge genre next time he makes a film otherwise he runs the risk of becoming a one trick pony and pigeon holing himself .If I were to recommend one of his films to check out I would suggest Nude nuns over this one because it is a altogether funner movie, but both films accomplish what they set out to and they both have a nice nostalgic feel to them being true throwbacks to the exploitation
films of yesteryear.
Overall: 6.5 out of 10

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